15 Awesome Ice Activities and a $1,500 Giveaway!

I love ice. It’s hot in Texas in right now and we need all the cooling down we can get. Check out these ice activities for kids and get your chill on!

15 awesome ways to play with ice from totally the bomb 15 Awesome Ice Activities and a $1,500 Giveaway!

  1. Colorful Ice Activities are so fun! | Creative Connections For Kids
  2. Make a Whole Frozen Ocean Ice Activity. | Mama Papa Bubba
  3. I love this ice sculpture ice activity! | The Nurture Store
  4. Rescue some trains with this ice activity. | Play Trains
  5. Make ice marbles! | Growing a Jeweled Rose
  6. Ice volcanoes are one of the best ice activities. | Reading Confetti
  7. Excavate some dinosaurs with this ice activity. | Mom to 2 Lil Divas
  8. Play with shaving cream and ice. | Growing a Jeweled Rose
  9. Ice paint with watercolors! | C.R.A.F.T
  10. Make a frozen ice palace. | The Nurture Store
  11. Make glitter ice. This is fantastic! | Professional Mommy
  12. Make polar bear ice igloos. So cool! | Play Based Learning
  13. I love this alphabet ice. | Play At Home Mom
  14. Freeze stuff in ice to make fun crackable eggs. | Frugal Fun 4 Boys
  15. Make awesome ice sculptures. | Happy Hooligans

And of course, the giveaway!! I teamed up with some of the most amazing bloggers around to give away $1,500! Enter below! [Read more...]

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Inside Out S’Mores Dessert with TWIX Bites

Disclosure Social Fabric Inside Out SMores Dessert with TWIX Bites

We made the best dessert ever this weekend! Our inside out s’mores with TWIX bites were seriously the yummiest thing and they tool all of two minutes to make!

I still can’t get over how gooey and delicious they were.

So gooey.

So delicious.

So chocolate.

inside out smores made with twix bites cbias shop ad Inside Out SMores Dessert with TWIX Bites

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This Rainbow Barbie Cake Is Everything

How did I end up spending my weekend making rainbow cake push pops and a rainbow Barbie cake, you ask?

Rainbow Barbie Cake This Rainbow Barbie Cake Is Everything

Well this Friday, one of my closest friends sent out a distress signal. The phone call came in and sounded something like this, “Help, I over committed. My daughter wants rainbow cake push pops and a rainbow Barbie cake, and the party is tomorrow, and the party is and it’s already 5pm and I haven’t even gone to the store yet and will you just come over and be my cheerleader and get me through this?” [Read more...]

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How To Make a Super Bouncy Ball

A couple of days ago I was trying to make slime, but I mixed up the steps and ended up making a super bouncy ball instead. So, I decided to let you know how to make a super bouncy ball.

I’ve made these bouncy balls before with cornstarch, and they’re cool, but they don’t bounce nearly as high as these super bouncy balls do! I think the cornstarch bouncy balls keep their shape longer, so try both!

Make a Super Bouncy Ball How To Make a Super Bouncy Ball

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Coconut Oil Cloud Dough Recipe

If you’re looking for a different twist on a cloud dough recipe, then I have the perfect recipe for you! The cool part? Instead of using traditional oil, this cloud dough recipe uses coconut oil to make a lighter, fluffier version of this kids dough favorite!

So, drop everything and make this fantastic coconut oil cloud dough!

coconut oil cloud dough recipe1 Coconut Oil Cloud Dough Recipe

What You Need To Make Coconut Oil Cloud Dough:

  • 1 1/2 Cups of Flour
  • 1/3 Cup of Coconut Oil (In Its Liquid Form)
  • Plastic Gallon Bag
  • Food Coloring [Read more...]
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