An Open Letter To Summer

dear summer

Dear Summer, Last year I forgot to love you the way you were meant to be loved. I forgot to spend long days out by the pool listening to the sound of giggling, splashing kids. I forgot to eat the freshest fruits straight from the farmer’s market, but most of all, I forgot that you […]

11 Types of Video Games Parents Should Know

what parents should know about video games

I was listening to a parenting podcast the other day and they mentioned a few terms for video games parents probably don’t know. The idea that I wouldn’t know what a MMO was actually made me laugh out loud, but then I realized that they are totally right! People who don’t spend giant portions of their […]

Sugar Free Red White and Blue Lemonade

red white and blue lemonade

Lemonade and summer go hand in hand. I could drink a glass (or five) every day. Starting this memorial day, I am trying to be better about the food choices I make, and that means I am trading the sugar in my lemonade for Stevia In The Raw®. To celebrate, I made super simple red white and […]

Summer Survival Kit

summer survival kit

Are you already dreading the “Mom, I’m BORED!” that comes every Summer. We totally were too, which is why we put together this Summer Survival Kit! It takes all those down-time moments of boredom and turns them into something fun! It is that time of year–SUMMER! Summer can be a time where we enjoy every second […]

Aggression Cookies An Allergy Friendly Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

angry kids need aggression cookies

Sometimes you get mad, and that’s totally okay. Sometimes kids get mad, and that’s okay, too. The problem comes when kids can’t figure out how to channel their anger, but this cookie recipe can fix that. So, if you have mad kids, make aggression cookies! I don’t talk about this very often, because we don’t make […]