8 Reasons I Am Totally Watching The CW’s Reign

reign logo 8 Reasons I Am Totally Watching The CWs Reign

It’s no secret that I love a good teen show. Okay, admittedly they usually they need some vampires¬†to totally pull me in. BUT, I also secretly love a good period drama. I watched The Tudors like a bazillion times, and not just for the hotness. (Okay, partly for the hotness.)

So, when I heard The CW was coming out with a new period drama of their own, REIGN, I had to know more! I watched the pilot and after the first five minutes of amazingness, I am hooked.

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Bitch and Moanday

It’s Monday… we can’t get it together here at Casa de Harrington, and I feel like letting it all hang out on my blog.

So, you’ve been warned. :)

    • cocoa krispies cocoa pebbles 300x191 Bitch and MoandayWhy is it that on a beautifully fantastic day where all I want to do is be outside– I have a sick kid and we have to spend the entire day INSIDE? Dude, it’s fantastic out there. *turns on yet another Disney Channel original series*
    • How come my box of Cocoa Pebbles tells me that there’s a full serving of Vitamin D in it? Dude… I am having Cocoa Pebbles for breakfast…. Vitamin D is not my greatest concern.
    • Speaking of Cocoa Pebbles. Why do people think that Cocoa Pebbles, Cocoa Crispies and Cocoa Puffs are all the same. They’re not people. Learn your chocolatey breakfast cereal, or we can’t be friends.*

    • Also, why are Fred and Barney still the spokespeople for this cereal? Are there even new Flinstones cartoons coming out? Do our kids know who they even are? Is this the only gig that Fred and Barney can get anymore? Poor guys.
    • Speaking of Fred and Barney… anyone remember Captain Caveman? That was like the coolest show ever. Oh– maybe I can find a clip.

Well, that was easy. Damn, I love the internet. Do you have anything you need to gripe about today? Leave it in the comments below!
*I put a star there so you would think I was joking about that. I’m not.

The Death of The Movie Theater?

The other day I air-popped some popcorn and sat down on my couch to watch a movie on my big ‘ol television, and I started to wonder… are people still going to movie theaters?

Is that still something people do, or do we instead sit at home with our surround sound, hd television, fancy tv stand that keeps all our nasty dvd players, video game consoles, etc. out of sight, and of COURSE our super sweet pause button.

pause button1 The Death of The Movie Theater?

You see, I think the pause button is what makes my couch beat the movie theater. Movies are long, I like to drink lemonade… and if I’m going to pay $11.00 a ticket, then the last thing I want to do is miss part of it while I run to the bathroom. You know the run, right? The backward pedal out of the movie theater, the quick sprint down the hall to find the ladies room, (Why is my theater always at the other end of the building?) and the lightning quick pee followed up by a hand washing so fast that you probably shouldn’t be sticking your hands back in that jumbo tub o popcorn you’re sharing with your man.

Well, that’s the thing… with the pause button you have none of that! AND– if you miss what some super important character said, and it’s more than obvious those two seconds are what the entire story’s pivoting on–then all you have to do is rewind it and watch it again!~

Oh, plus… if it’s really boring, you can always watch the latest episode of vampire diaries.

cw promo vampire diaries 91 The Death of The Movie Theater?

Holy hotness…

Can’t. Stop. Watching. It.

It’s even better than the Chipmunk version…

We Need To Talk Vampires

We interrupt this blog where I discuss wonderful important things like writing, the color of my hair, and you know–things that really matter, to bring you an important service announcement:

Last Night’s Vampire Diaries so was so freakin’ hot that it brings hot vampaliciousness to a whole new level of WOW.

Wait, are you pretending that you don’t love vampires?

Don’t even give me that crap! I read my search engine statistics, and I know that the most hit pages on my blog always have to do with vampires! You know what, though? I’m cool with that, because I love me some vampires.

But, that’s all sort of beside the point. The point here is that The Vampire Diaries is a great show that I didn’t totally get into at first. Let me just say that I was wrong wrong wrong. This show is like nineteen different kinds of awesome.

If you haven’t watched The Vampire Diaries yet, or aren’t caught¬† up with the episodes, then stop reading this right now, because I am about to throw down on some spoilers. You’ve been warned.
vampirediaries1 We Need To Talk Vampires

Of Course I made you an informative graphic. It would be evil not to, don't you think?

Last night’s season finale ended so freakin’ cool like that I had to watch it six times just to be sure I got what was going on.

Okay first, Katherine’s back! Dammit! When Damon and Elena finally kissed out on the porch I was like, “Hell yeah! Take that Stefan you stuff old pretentious know-it-all!” Then, when I saw Katherine CUT OFF that Uncle dude’s hand– WHOA! That was all kinds of awesome, right?

But, then I realized that Elena and Damon didn’t finally kiss, and I was sad all over again. But, I did TOTALLY have to go back and watch Elena’s aunt accidentally invite Katherine in… HAWT!

Then, we have Jeremy!

So, I kind of feel like there’s no possible way he’s going vamp on us, or they would have had his “death” be way more dramatic and quick. I think instead, someone will find him, and he’ll be all DAMMIT I wasted Anna’s blood. OH yeah, Anna! What the heck happened there? Why do they always kill off Jeremy’s happiness. Ugh, I don’t like that at all. Not one bit.

So, it ended with Elena going in to check on Katherine. I wonder how that’s going to turn out?!?

Have you guys been reading the books? Do they follow along with the CW story lines at all? I’ve been thinking I should pick one up and check it out…