25 Marvelous Avengers Foods and Crafts

Marvelous Avengers Foods and Crafts

An old prophecy stated, “The geeks shall rise up and inherit the earth.” Many of us didn’t believe it…until Joss Whedon drifted down from the heavens and bestowed upon the world…The Avengers Franchise. Legend says, the clouds opened up that day and a single hawk let out a streaking cry as it soared high above the earth […]


RSVP for the #HeroesEatMMs Twitter Party!!

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Do you love a good Twitter Party?  You know we do and we’re excited to host a party about the Captain America The Winter Soldier release at Walmart and superhero level movie night recipes made with M&M’s®! SWEET, right?! On TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH at 1:00 PM ET, please join us for the #HeroesEatMMs Twitter Party  where […]


8 Reasons I Am Totally Watching The CW’s Reign

Snakes in the Garden

It’s no secret that I love a good teen show. Okay, admittedly they usually they need some vampires to totally pull me in. BUT, I also secretly love a good period drama. I watched The Tudors like a bazillion times, and not just for the hotness. (Okay, partly for the hotness.) So, when I heard The […]


Bitch and Moanday


It’s Monday… we can’t get it together here at Casa de Harrington, and I feel like letting it all hang out on my blog. So, you’ve been warned. :) Why is it that on a beautifully fantastic day where all I want to do is be outside– I have a sick kid and we have […]


The Death of The Movie Theater?

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The other day I air-popped some popcorn and sat down on my couch to watch a movie on my big ‘ol television, and I started to wonder… are people still going to movie theaters? Is that still something people do, or do we instead sit at home with our surround sound, hd television, fancy tv […]