1. This is really helpful stuff from you . i really appreciate your blog ..


  2. Slater Morris says:

    Wonderful app. I haven’t explore this before. Thanks for sharing this one. I’m very curious about the events in my facebook. Who do you follow the most?



  3. Shane Khupling says:

    Nice post. I can now use facebook much easily using my iphone, thanks to your post.



  4. I got tired of trying to sync everything so I said screw it and throw everything into iCal which easily goes from my Mac to my iPhone. Because of some neurological stuff I forget stuff like crazy and it saves my life and makes me look like a partial dumbass instead of a full on dumbass. Cool post.


  5. Aston Star says:

    This is a nice post. I was having problems accessing facebook properly through my iphone. This post has solved those problems.




  6. Right you are. Now a days we can easily remember our important event by the virtue of Google, Facebook and so other. Do you have any other post about necessaries of social network?

    Thanks for this post,


    Jamie Harrington Reply:

    @Blake, I think this is the only one. Thanks for reading. :)


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