I Found a Picnik Alternative!

If you’re a blogger, you probably already know about Picnik. It’s this snazzy little online program that makes it super easy to edit, resize, and write on your images. Problem is, Google bought them a while back and they’ve decided to shut them down.

I think I speak for bloggers everywhere when I say, “Screw you, Google. We freakin’ loved Picnik.”

So, like every other website owner out there, I’ve been scrambling to find the perfect alternative, and I think I’ve got it: Skitch!

Seriously, it’s a pretty cool little program, You download it right to your desktop, (or your iPad or phone apparently– cool!) and it does a LOT of the cool things that Picnik does. You can play with your pictures, draw on them and even write on top of them! The best part is that you aren’t limited to the 25 or so fonts Picnik had– you can use any font you own!
Hopefully they’ll add cool filters and such soon– (If you’re listening, Skitch– Picnik has left a glaring hole you guys are RIPE to fill.)
I took a screenshot of my desktop and did this:

Which is pretty much exactly what I used Picnik for.

So, yaay! Hope it works for you!

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