10 Easy Ways to Go Green Permanently

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I love being out in nature and just enjoying being a part of the world. The thought that my actions harm nature gives me the hibbejeebees, so I’m stepping-up my game with these 10 Easy Ways to Go Green Permanently. Oh, and there’s a giveaway for you, too!

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10 Easy Ways to Go Green Permanently

  1. Reusable Water Bottle. I drink a LOT of water, so I was going through like 94 bottles of water a day when I realized what I was doing. By getting a reusable water bottle, I not only saved the planet a little bit, but I also saved my wallet some, too.
  2. Bring My Own Shopping Bags. I was a later comer to this idea–I kept thinking it was a fad. My mom got me a set of shopping bags last week. Probably the smartest thing I ever did: taking them to the store the next day.
  3. Washable Plates and Silverware. While I was pregnant, I just couldn’t do the dishes anymore. So, I gave up and bought a pack of 500 paper plates and box of plastic wear. Bad idea, me. Now, I’m back on my feet and we’re not doing that anymore.
  4. Sports Drink Mixes. While I’m drinking water, my boys are chugging sport drinks. Rather than buying 900 bottles a week, and then throwing the empties away, I can just mix-up a whole gallon and get those boys drinking by the glass.
  5. Greenworks Laundry Detergent. Ok, so this stuff is the real-deal. I can get my laundry clean and know that the the ingredients are naturally derived. Good stuff for me and the skin that our clothes will be rubbing against. easy ideas for being more conscious sq
  6. Greenworks Cleaning Wipes. The wipes are biodegradable in a standard compost pile. I can wipe every one of my kiddos’ million toys as often as I want with a squeaky-clean conscience. Enough said.
  7. Greenworks All-Purpose Spray Cleaner. I don’t want to spray crazy no-good chemicals all over my counters, table and every-other-surface-I-can-think-of.
  8. Reusable Straws. Almost every drink I guzzle needs a straw, because my teeth are sensitive. And because I’m crazy like that, my toddler has decided to do the same. So, we go through 90 straws a day. Reusable ones were so cheap, I had no idea!
  9. Washable Napkins. I grew-up in a household where we used cloth napkins. I had no idea mom was doing the “green” thing all those years ago.
  10. Plastic Bowls with Lids. We use a ton of plastic wrap for leftovers. But I own 50 pieces of plastic dishes that have water-tight lids. What is wrong with me that I haven’t been using it all these years?!

Check out this awesome upcycling video to get your creative juices flowing for a greener you!

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Green Works Giveaway

Because our sponsor Green Works is so awesome, they decided to help us out with a giveaway!

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