10 Reasons Why Living With A Parent Is The Best

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So, my mom lives with me. Or I live with her, depending on who you ask and how the royalty checks are going. We’ve cohabitated since my father died, and fortunately we get along pretty well. Or at least we have since I finished what my brother described as pubermenopause hell.

You get a lot of looks when you tell people your mom lives with you. Ladies my mom’s age sort of glow with approval, and usually throw in an “isn’t that wonderful for you both.” Women my age look covetous of my live-in free babysitter, even though I don’t actually need one. Men my age view with skepticism the logistics of my (hypothetical) dating life.

But most of the time, I’m really glad she lives with me. (I’m serious. I’m not just saying that in case she reads this.) So I thought I’d outline just a few of the benefits, because even if your parents are perfectly happy tooling around in their RV, I know a lot of younger people consider moving back home. Here are 10 reasons why living with a parent is the best!


10 Reasons Why Living With A Parent Is The Best

1. Live-in free dog sitter. Or babysitter. Whatever. She loves her grandchildren, and it’s not like she’s doing anything. No one has a social life after sixty anyway.

2. Lots of free advice. From how you wear your hair to how much sleep you get, you will never have to rely solely on your own opinion.

3. Your very own WebMD, at least if your mom, like mine, was a medical professional. You’ll never have to wonder the worst case scenario of that funny rash on your arm again.

4. Short troubleshooting commute. When your dad hits the wrong button on the remote control and can’t get the picture to go back to showing the Weather Channel instead if the AppleTV, you will only have to walk up/downstairs or down the hall.

5. Savings on premium cable channels. You’ll never be able to watch Game of Thrones on the living room TV anyway.

6. Ninja-like Google skills. You will develop the ability to fact check a Facebook news article before you can say “Your Aunt Shirley just sent me a story about…”

7. Automatic safety monitor. Nothing makes you feel more secure during a night out like knowing your mom might call the police if she doesn’t get a text at your appointed check in time. (Not actually joking about this one.)

8. Pop-culture awareness. You will always know who won Dancing with the Stars. Bonus, your mom will know the names of more retired football players that you ever will.

9. Questions like “Is that what you’re wearing?” and “What time did you go to bed last night?” will make you feel like a teenager again.

10. You will never lack for someone to binge watch “Murder She Wrote” or “Deadliest Catch” with you.

Of course, the best thing about living with my mom is that she has a great sense of humor and we are both able to laugh at ourselves and the quirks of living together as adults. And even if this list is a little tongue-in-cheek, they are genuine reasons I love her.

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