10 Tips That Make Moving Suck Less

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From decluttering, to choosing an agent, to packing your entire life into portable containers, there are few things in life more stressful than moving. Whether you’ve accepted a job in a new city, just finished construction on your dream home or you’re dodging eviction, no matter what way you slice it, moving bites a dirty big one. So to help you save your sanity (and because mine might be a lost cause), here are 10 Tips That Make Moving Suck Less.

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10 Tips That Make Moving Suck Less

1). Make it a family decision.

To prepare for the possibility of our upcoming move, Hubs and I sat the kids down and talked. As a family we measured the pros and cons of Daddy-o accepting a new job across the country–no more 100,000 degree summers (shout out to my Texas peeps!), snow skiing just a short drive away, great schools with more extracurricular opportunities. When the job finally came through, the kids were excited, like they’d been part of a huge decision and like they, too, were in control. The same went for our first house hunt. We all made our own wish lists, compared and leveled expectations. Now, instead of dreading their second move in two years, they’re excited.

2). Take it one room at a time.

We’d been in our first home for fourteen years. It was where my Hubs and I became adults–brought home our babies, taught them to swim, ride bikes and throw a football. It was also where I first discovered you can cram a whole lot of shazam into a hobbit hole. Packing quickly became overwhelming. Paralyzingly so. But after a few deep breaths, a bottle of wine and Eddie Vedder on the sound system, I realized that when you focus on the forest, you lose sight of the trees. Break the job down into smaller, more doable goals, one room at a time.

3). Still feeling overwhelmed? Have a packing party.

Your friends want to spend time with you before you go, they also want dibs on your no-longer-needed furniture. Lets face it, with a big move coming up, that time budget is stretched tighter than your wallet. Your friends are nosy beyotches, too. Finding those old college love letters Hubs used to write you will have them giggling for years. Just remember to pack and seal the “adults-only” drawer before they arrive!

4). Leave the hauling to the professionals. 

I know it’s an expensive option and costs way more than pizza and beer, but nothing ends a friendship faster than broken heirloom china. In my neck of the country, off-duty fireman turned professional movers are in abundance. They’re strong, trustworthy and in great shape to haul that treadmill you had good intentions of using down second story stairs. And they’re more reasonably priced than a divorce, because that’s where you’re headed if you insist on moving yourselves.


So take that security deposit refund or the mortgage payment you got to skip and spring for some help of the hunky variety. I know from experience, they’re worth every penny.

5). Take good care of your moving men.

Feed them well and keep them hydrated. Skip the pizza (that’s what everyone does) and go for pasta with whole grain bread. Try yogurt, fresh fruit and crackers for a snack. If a good tip isn’t in the budget, a cooler of cold beer at the end of the day will hit the spot.

6). Just under hot-totty firemen, wardrobe boxes are the ninth wonder of the world.

Why waste time taking clothes off hangers to stuff in a square box? Pack up clothes, hanger and all, in a nifty little wardrobe container. Or if you’re low on cash and you want to save $12 per box, lay out your hanging garments between two sheets, tie them off at both ends and carry them body-bag style. The bonus practice will come in handy when you’re ready to off your spouse.

7). Purging now means less to unpack later.

Unlike your IUD, if you haven’t used/needed it in the last year, you probably never will. Toss that junk.

8). Stuff gets lost in moves. 

Don’t think that’s a good thing? What about the 14,000 stuffed animals your thirteen year old doesn’t think she can live without. Save a few special ones and “mislabel” the rest. A needy child desperate for a lovey to hug will thank you.

9). Stuff also gets broken

Remember that heirloom China you got when your grandmother passed? It’s as ugly as oven-ripe turds. Granny won’t haunt you. She probably didn’t like it either, or you for that matter. Who wills their ugly-ass dishes to someone they like? Now’s your chance. Use it wisely.

10). It’s okay to feed your kids fast food every. single. night. when you’re moving.

Potential buyers don’t want to smell last night’s chicken curry or burnt asparagus in your kitchen and you don’t have time to cook anyway.  Their arteries and yours will survive. When it’s all over, eat better, but for now suck it up and forgive yourself. You’re contributing to your local economy.

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  1. Always hire professionals. I agree with this article alot. Moving can suck, it usually does – so make sure its done by someone else, especially in the summer! lol.

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