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10 Ways To Raise Mentally Strong Kids

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Being a parent is hard, man. You are trying to raise strong kids who can function in a polite society as an adult.

But, oftentimes, it feels like they are going to grow up to be a**h****, AMIRITE?!?

There’s a fine line between strong, determined kids who can think for themselves, and little jerks who cry at the drop of a hat, and learn to rely on mom and dad for everything.

Now, I’m not calling kids jerks. I’m merely pointing out that their attitudes can sometimes leave us wanting a bit more. We want them to be strong minded but polite at the same time.

We want to raise mentally strong kids. That doesn’t mean that they won’t cry from time-to-time. I bet even you cry when you’re sad.

It doesn’t mean they won’t fail. HEY, if you’re not failing, you’re not learning, right?

The goal is to make them mentally strong. This won’t, by any means, make them immune to hardship. But it will guarantee that when they face those hardships, they will know what to do and will do it right.

10 Ways To Raise Mentally Strong Kids

It’s often a “do as I say, and not as I do sort of thing.” But, we really need to be teaching our kids, not just verbally, but through our actions as well.

1) Don’t Parent Out Of Guilt

Constantly giving in to guilt will teach your child that guilt is okay. It will seem like an acceptable response to another’s actions.

Be consistent. Stay the course, mamma. I know it’s hard, but don’t give in to the guilt.

2) Don’t Let Kids Skip Out On Their Responsibilities

Trust me, I know. When the kids have put off doing chores all day long, you still have supper to make, and baths are on the horizon, it’s easier to let them skip on their chores.

But, letting them skip chores teaches them that it’s okay not to follow through with your responsibilities. This is dangerous, not only at home, but it spells trouble when they turn into working adults.

3) Don’t Stop Them From Making Mistakes

I said it before, and I say it again. If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t learning.

It’s REALLY hard to watch a kid fail. BUT, as long as they aren’t in any danger, it is good to let them learn from their mistakes instead of avoiding them all.

4) Don’t Allow Fear To Dictate Their Choices

I really struggle with this one. My son is afraid of SO many things. But, if I let him skip out on everything he’s afraid of, he will NOT grow up to be mentally strong!

Help them face their fears, and do things scared. This will teach them way more than avoiding fear will ever do.

5) Do Not Make Kids Feel Entitled

One of our favorite shows as a family is Reba. Don’t judge. I know it’s 20 years old.

In one of the episodes, they are talking about entitlement. They say a quote that I repeat to my kids constantly.

There are millions of planets revolving around millions of suns revolving around millions of galaxies all revolving around one point in the center of the universe… and that point… is not you.


It’s important that kids are aware of other people, and that sometimes those people are the center of the attention. And, that’s okay.

6) Do Not Let Your Kids Have Authority Over You

Oh, no. You are the parent. They are not.

YOU make the ultimate decisions, and stick to them.

It’s okay to give them choices — “What would you live for dinner: Mac & Cheese, Sandwiches, Chicken Nuggets.”

But, it is YOU who decides what the choices are.

YOU choose where to go eat. You choose where to go on vacation. You choose their chores and when they do them. You make the choices, and stick to them.

7) Don’t Teach Your Kids To Take Shortcuts

Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong 100% of the time to take shortcuts.

What I am saying is that you want to teach your kids to do things, and do them right.

Their spouses and future employers will thank you.

8) Don’t Let Them Lose Sight Of Their Values

We spend SO much time teaching and reteaching kids the values that we think are important.

It’s so incredibly easy to get caught up in all the day-to-day things, and let these values slide.

Maybe decide as a family what your core values are, and stick to them.

What values do you want your kids mirroring when they are out in the world as adults?

9) Teach Them Integrity

Integrity is what you do when no one else is looking.

This is SO important!

Lead by example. Put that shopping cart back when you’re done. Don’t be sneaky and deceptive with people. Do what you say you’re going to do. Follow through with tasks.

You get it. Do all the good things when no one is watching — because your kids see everything!

10) Do Not Expect Perfection

I can not stress this enough. Let their best be their best.

If you know they have tried their best, let that be enough. Praise them for doing the best they can.

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