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100 Things To Put In Easter Eggs {That Aren’t Candy!}

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Easter Egg Hunts are so fun. I remember when my daughter was really little and she would get maybe one or two eggs before all the big kids snatched them up.

Now she’s a pro, and brings home piles and piles of them. The problem is, they are filled with candy! So, skip the candy this time and check these 100 Things To Put In Easter Eggs {That Aren’t Candy!}

I think Easter almost brings more candy into my house than Halloween! There’s no need to stuff your eggs with candy when you have these ideas!

I get it, I am always looking for something awesome to put in my kid’s easter basket.

Happy Hunting! 

100 Things To Put In Easter Eggs {That Aren’t Candy!}

A few things to note:

Lots of these items are different sizes. Some items are smaller and can fit into regular sized Easter eggs while other items are larger and can be fit into the jumbo sized Easter eggs.

You can get a variety of items and eggs and have all sorts of fun shapes and sizes!

All of these items can be found on Amazon and we’ve included direct links below. Make sure you check below the price for a coupon you clip before check out. Many of these items are offering an additional discount as long as you clip the coupon!

100 Things To Put In Trick-Or-Treat Bags {That Aren't Candy!}

Forget the candy this Halloween, here are 100 Things To Put In Trick-Or-Treat Bags {That Aren't Candy!}

(This post contains affiliate links.)

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  1. Is there a way to get this as an actual list? I can’t print out all these pictures or scroll through all this on my phone while shopping. Great ideas, but need an easier way to print to plan, shop, and use.


  2. also to piggyback off of mary waters you can have a raffle to see who gets what like fill the eggs with tickets and then raffle them off

  3. Where can you find all these items without having to buy them in bulk? Thank you!

  4. something else to stuff an egg with is change 🙂

  5. I love these ideas! A lot of them seem too big to fit in a standard size plastic egg though?

    1. Items that are too big for egg, place in bag or box and stash somewhere. Put a piece of paper in the egg with the name of prize or if your babies are too little to read, take of pic of prize and place then in egg. once all the eggs are collected, trade the piece of paper for items that you had stashed in box or bag.

  6. Thank you for these ideas. I needed to be inspired.

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