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12 Fun Art Classes Your Kids Can Take For Free From The Comfort Of Your Home

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Now that my kids are stuck inside, all they are asking to do is arts and crafts. I have exhausted my expertise on things to do, so I hit up the internet.

I found 12 GREAT places to go ONLINE and learn to drawing, do origami, crafts, and all things art related.

Check them out!

Via 5-Minute Crafts

Lunch Doodles — The Kennedy Center
There will be a new video posted every weekday at 1pm EST

Via The Kennedy Center

Art For Kids Hub — YouTube

Via Art For Kids Hub

Young Rembrandts — YouTube

Via Young Rembrandts

Learn Step By Step — YouTube

Via Learn Step By Step

Draw So Cute — YouTube

Via Draw So Cute

Draw Cute Things — YouTube

Via Draw Cute Things

Pin Koro — YouTube
This one is COOL. He turns words into cartoon drawings!

Via Pin Koro

Crafts and Kutir — YouTube
Lots of cool Origami projects!

Via Crafts and Kutir

Happy Drawings — YouTube

Via Happy Drawings

5-Minute Crafts PLAY — YouTube
All kinds of crafts and hacks for kids.

Via 5-Minutes Crafts

Crafts For Kids — YouTube

Via Crafts For Kids

PPO — YouTube
Easy Origami Projects


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