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15 Must-Haves in Baby’s Diaper Bag {with a free printable}

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Balmex for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I first became a baby’s mommy, I had no idea what needed to be in a diaper bag. If it’s your first time packing a diaper bag, you’re in luck! Not only did I make a list of 15 Must-Haves in Baby’s Diaper Bag, but I also made you a free printable (mostly because I love you, but maybe also because I’m prepping for new baby and needed a little checklist of my own).

what do I need in my diaper bag

No way am I not packing a diaper bag without these items. I’d be crazy not to, now that I know what it’s like for baby to have a poopy diaper at every restaurant in my city, on pretty much every highway and certainly at every one of my friends’ houses. Nope. These 15 things are already in new baby’s diaper bag.

Click here to download your free printable diaper bag checklist.

Printable Diaper Back Checklist site

15 Must-Haves in Baby’s Diaper Bag

  1. Diapers (duh) – I recommend at least 5. Leave in there always.
  2. Wipes (again, duh) – Yeah, bring a whole packet. One day you’ll need them ALL. And those dinky little cases that are too cute not to buy? Forget that.
  3. Changing Pad (waterproof) – So, you might, if you’re a first-time mommy like I was, think this is dumb and superfluous. It is actually not and this is why: no one wants to put their baby down on the big giant plastic wall-changing-table-thing at a restaurant ever. Just spend the $10 and get one. Big deal. Trust me.    
  4. Balmex Diaper Rash Cream – Don’t get me started on how important this is. We had a rash that no other product would get rid of–every diaper change was a huge deal and I felt so bad for baby. One time using Balmex with ActivGuard stops the rash in it’s tracks. Which is awesome.
  5. Toy(s) – You need that baby distracted when you’re wiping her butt off. Yup.
  6. Baggies – Sometimes, there is not a convenient receptacle for baby’s toxic-waste diaper. Don’t be that jerk that puts the icky diaper in the parking lot. Put it in a baggie and take it home to dispose of. Also works if you’re at a friend’s house and don’t want to leave them with a horrid smell.
  7. Change of Clothes (2) – This is a minimum at all times. Change your baby’s diaper once when she proceeds to potty while you’re changing–and then repeat in the next 2 seconds and try keeping that wee-wee off her pretty shirt–or the back-up shirt you brought. This actually happened to me. Baby had to go back into the restaurant in just a shirt, because that’s all I had.
  8. Extra Bottle – Important if you’re out for more than 5 minutes. Just stash some formula inside extra bottle and if you get in a bind, you can stop at the nearest gas station for hot water from their coffee machines. Not bad in a pinch. must have in diaper bag pin   
  9. Toy/Bottle Leash – I hate picking these things up off the ground and then handing them back to baby. Ugh!
  10. Extra Pacifier – See #9 above. Ewwww. I even put leashes on these.  
  11. Mom Stuff – New mommies never know when Aunt Flo might come visit or when your milk jugs might over-leak. Take some mom stuff. Just in case.  
  12. First-Aid Kit – Trust me. Smart.  
  13. Wash Rags – Sometimes, baby just needs a quick wipe-down and paper towels in a restaurant bathroom is not enough. 
  14. Soap – See #13 above. It gets that bad sometimes.
  15. Bottle of Water – What else could you possibly need on the side of the highway when baby’s diaper has had a blow-out and you need items #13 and #14?!

minimum diaper bag needs

Horrible diaper rash and screaming, unhappy baby was something I dealt with from almost the moment I became my baby’s mom. In the NICU, she was only changed every 4 hours (standard procedure, apparently) and therefore, the nastiest diaper rash happened. This time, with my new baby (due in 3 weeks! eep!), I’m ready to fight diaper rash with Balmex.

Balmex Diaper Rash Cream reduces redness in just one diaper change, making it so much easier to help treat and prevent additional diaper rash or irritation. And, only Balmex has ActivGuard which helps neutralize harmful and icky irritants in dirty or wet diapers. You can find it pretty much anywhere you buy baby stuff like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Toys-R-Us/Babies-R-Us, CVS, Kmart. Check out this Balmex Diaper Rash Cream Special Offer!

Fight irritation. End the red. Use Balmex instead.

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  1. I’m a mom of 2 but in all fairness, my oldest is 8 and youngest is 2 weeks. When I first read this list, I thought, “What could she possibly teach me?” (but I read it anyway!). LOVE the idea for washcloths and soap. I first thought it was silly but you made very valid points! See, you can teach an old mom new tricks. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Now that your adorable baby is older do you still use this diaper bag? also, did you find it hard to match this diaper bag to your clothes? I love these bags but I’m worried I’ll have a hard time matching my clothes..

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