20 Brilliant Play Room Ideas

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Back when I was little, my mom could have used these 20 Brilliant Play Room Ideas. Don’t get me wrong, we had a lot of fun but we (and our toys) were always under foot. Having a well stocked, well organized play room can be a life saver!

brilliant play room ideas

20 Brilliant Play Room Ideas

1. Is your playroom more clutter than crafts? Check out these DIY Coat Hangers from Mess for Less!

2. These Play Room Bins from Mom Inspired Life will keep things tidy and teach organization. It’s like Mary Poppins in a box.

3. Alphabet Glitter Magnets from Simple Home Blessings make the perfect decorations for that playroom and nothing says fun quite like glitter.

4. If you’re like me, you love Ikea hacks, and this DIY Ikea Hack Sensory Table from In The Play Room is an awesome way to keep things tidy while the kiddo’s play.

5. This DIY Lego Wall by Lalymom is absolutely genius! Kids can create and recreate wall art that you won’t ever have to paint over!

6. I am completely blown away by this Custom Climbing Wall from Fun at Home with Kids. Kids are going to climb, so instead of fighting it, this amazing site came up with a brilliant solution. Blown. Away.

7. Can’t sew? No problem! This No-Sew Teepee from The Handmade Home is an inexpensive way to add a cozy corner to any playroom.

8. This The Colorful Café from Busy Budgeting Mama could not be cuter and I’m pretty sure it would be impossible to find a more fun way to keep busy little hands occupied.

9. I am a sucker for anything with the ‘B’ word in it. These DIY Book Ends from Knock-Off-Décor are such a fabulous way to keep those books where they belong.

10. Magnets keep little hands from creating big messes, and DIY Magnet Wall from Thrive 360 Living will provide hours of education and fun!

brilliant play room ideas

11. Painting is fun. Markers are fun. Digging into a bucket half filled with paint because you lack organizational skills? Not so much. Art Supply Organization from Tinker Lab is a necessity in any play room. Unless you enjoy being red-handed.

12. Getting rid of toys is hard, unless you use these mom-ninja tips about Toy Rotation from Hand Made Kids Art

13. Car Storage from Krazy Coupon Lady is a tip that exceeds Parenting Level: Expert.

14. Even toddlers can help organize once you start Using Photos for Labels like An Everyday Occasion

15. I am in love with this simple, yet brilliant Toy Planter Storage from Today’s Mama

16. Forward Facing Bookshelves by Tried and True let kids see exactly which book they want to read, every time.

17. Simple instructions on how to make this Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack by Make it Perfect has inspired a non-sewer like me to step up my game!

18. This multi-purpose Lego Storage Stool from Kids Activity Blog will help keep those Lego kits tucked away, and provide extra seating for that dream play room!

19. This PVC Pipe Dress Up Storage from The Nerds Wife is a dress-up Princess dream come true!

20. Have you run out of floor room? Maximize Wall Space by From Faye shows you how to maximize organization in small spaces!

So there you have it! 20 Brilliant Play Room Ideas guaranteed to tidy, decorate, and inspire any play room. If you want more brilliant ideas, check out these 25+ Ways to Make Your Toddler’s Playroom Awesome. Have Fun!

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