20 Butterfly Learning Activities

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Kids go through so many changes growing up, and that can be confusing. These 20 Butterfly Learning Activities will help kids understand that not only are changes a part of nature, but they can be beautiful!

10 Butterfly Learning Activities

20 Butterfly Learning Activities:

1. This Butterfly Alphabet Garden from No Time for Flash Cards will teach kids the beauty of spring, and their ABC’s.

2. Kids will marvel at the science in this Chromatography Butterfly Craft by Buggy and Buddy, and then delight as their experiments turn into beautiful butterflies.

3. Use this Monarch Butterfly Symmetry from Buggy and Buddy to teach kids the simple art of symmetry.

4. Toddlers will squeal with joy as these Butterfly Sun Catcher from Two-Daloo transform shaved crayons into beautiful art.

5. Watch flowers turn into butterflies in this Spring Butterfly Craft from Fun at Home with Kids.

6. This Tissue Paper Stained Butterfly from Mama Miss will show your toddlers how colorful paper can transform into something new.

7. Paper Towel Butterflies (Happy Hooligans) absorb watercolor and spread cheer to every child who makes them.

8. Teach your kids about a world traveler with this Tropical Blue Morpho Butterfly by Kids World Citizen.

9. Even your youngest can learn about transformation with this Coffee Filter Butterfly from Imagination Tree.

10. Watch something totally boring become beautiful as these Butterfly Sponge Magnets from Craft Train redecorate your refrigerator this spring!


11. This Butterfly Craft from Two-Daloo will give your preschoolers the freedom to decorate butterflies with no help from you.

12. Toddlers will learn symmetry as they design their own Lego Butterfly with Fun at Home with Kids.

13. Let your kids transform their bedrooms with homemade artwork using Butterfly Pasta from Meaningful Mama.

14. This Marbled Paper Plate Butterfly Craft from The Artful Parent morphs plain paper plates into adorable marbled butterflies all in one afternoon.

15. Your kids will be amazed watching boring trash become gorgeous art with these Milk Jug Butterflies from Filth Wizadry.

16. Watch your preschooler make an army of Bright Butterflies with Mom on Time-Out. This easy craft lets kids work on their own, and gives you a chance to see how creative they’ve become.

17. After months of gloomy winter, your kids will transform your house into a bright, colorful spring with these Butterfly Suncatchers from Minie Co.

18. Teach your children about Life Cycle with Stay at Home Educator as you work through these eight bug and butterfly preschool activities.

19. Stir up your child’s curiosity using this Static Electricity Experiment from I Heart Crafty Things.

20. Your kids will love transforming coffee filters into cute butterflies using markers and water with this Coffee Filter Craft by Learn Create Love.

Whether growing taller or losing teeth, moving into a big kid bed or maybe even a new home, your kids are transforming every single day. These 20 Butterfly Learning Activities will help your children understand that change is natural, and that it can be beautiful.

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