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20 + DIY Frozen Party Ideas

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Each generation has “the” movie that you will remember as you grow up and will always have fond memories of.  I remember how much I loved The Lion King when I was a kid.  The current obsession, which I do believe is more of an obsession than any other movie ever has been, is Disney’s Frozen.  

diy frozen party ideas

Kids of all ages go crazy for this movie.   I don’t know if it is the actual movie, the music or the mixture, but you just can’t go wrong with anything Frozen related.  When it comes time for a birthday party, create a winter wonderland, regardless of what time of year it is.  No, you don’t have to go and spend a fortune at the party supply store, here are some really fun and easy do it yourself (DIY) things you can do to create the ultimate Pinterest-worthy party for your little princess.

DIY Frozen Party Ideas

  1. For invitations, you can do something cute like these Frozen movie ticket invites.
  2. If you love snowmen, you can make these fun “Do you want to build a snowman” invitations with all the edible ingredients to build your own Olaf.
  3. You can get a free complete set of Frozen Party Printables and have matching invitations, cake toppers, cupcake wrappers and toothpick flags.
  4. Once it’s almost party time, you need decorations.  You can make this glowing Frozen wreath for your door to greet guests and let them know where the party is.
  5. You can simply take bottles of water, decorated with a sharpie to look like a snowman, to create Frozen Olaf Drinks.  It’s simple and the kids will love them.
  6. Parties are full of treats and sweets.  You can’t go wrong with these snowflake sugar cookies.20 diy frozen party ideas
  7. You can’t get more “Frozen” than a pile of ice cubes, but ice isn’t tasty.  Create these fun blue Jello “Ice” Cubes.
  8. Mix a few favorite treats to create this yummy and pretty Frozen Snack Mix.  It won’t only look good sitting on the table, but it will taste good, as well.
  9. Turn cheese sticks into fun Olaf treats with just a black and an orange sharpie.
  10. A simple snack is Frozen Blue Chocolate Pretzel Sticks.  Simply dip a pretzel stick in blue candy melts and sprinkle with sugar.
  11. Gooey popcorn goodness is always a best bet.  Add some blue and white sprinkles, M&Ms and snowflakes, and you have the ultimate Frozen Popcorn Balls!
  12. Snowball Punch is a refreshing drink that mixes punch, lemon-lime soda and vanilla ice cream.
  13. Make some delicious Frozen Ombre Rice Krispie Treats by layering several variations of blue from darkest to lightest in your pan!
  14. Since the theme here is blue and silvery tones, adding some simple blue cake pops that have a silver drizzle will make your table look fantastic and the kids will love the handheld treats.
  15. Take some large marshmallows and dip them in white chocolate then sprinkle with blue sugar to make some delicious Frozen Marshmallows.
  16. Games are always fun at birthday parties.  Try this Snowman Slam game made with cups and cottonballs.
  17. Bring out your little swimming pool or a water table and fill it with Disney Frozen DIY Play Snow.
  18. A photo booth is a fun way to give guests a keepsake of the great time they are having.  Get some felt and create your own Frozen photo booth props for some really great pictures.
  19. As guests leave, you would normally give them a party bag to take with them as a thank you.  Instead of filling it with candy, why not include something like these Frozen bookmarks.
  20. You can create a gift to take home that would also be a fun project for the party itself, Frozen Play Dough.  The glittery blue is totally-Frozen and will be a huge hit with your guests.
  21. So what types of bags do you use?  Why not make these easy Frozen Elsa Party Favor Bags with a little felt and tulle.

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