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You Can Get A 20 Foot Inflatable Boat That Holds 6 People

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Can I just buy all of the pool floats? Each time I think I’ve found the perfect one, something new pops up!

Sam’s Club

I can’t afford a speed boat, but I can afford an inflatable pool float that looks like a speed boat! I mean, it looks like a speed boat to me, what do you think?

Sam’s Club

I think this is the perfect float for the lake this summer. The size is perfect for my family for a day at the lake.

It’s big! The Member’s Mark Boat Island Float measures 20.67 feet long and 9.76 feet wide!

Sam’s Club

The giant float holds up to 6 people! It also has a 2 built-in coolers to store your drinks and snacks!

I also love the fact that it includes built-in cup holders! No worries about your drinks falling off and into the water.

Sam’s Club

The giant boat inflatable has seat benches with backrests for pure lounging comfort! You can also lay down and relax on the front of the boat!

It’s perfect for laying out and taking in some sunshine!

Sam’s Club

I love that there is a boarding platform! I am not the most agile person anymore and need all of the help I can get!

Sam’s Club

You can only get the Member’s Mark Boat Island Float online. It doesn’t include an air pump, so make sure you order one of those as well.

You can buy the Member’s Mark Boat Island Float at Sam’s Club for just $199.98! So much cheaper than a real boat!

Sam’s Club

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