25 Bite-able Bunny Butts

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When I’m making the kiddo’s Easter treats, I don’t want it to be just boring ‘ole jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. I like giggles and laughs–and Bite-able Bunny Butts.

Adorable Edible Bunny Butts Perfect for Easter!

Adorable Edible Bunny Butts Perfect for Easter!

  • If you don’t make Creme-Filled Cookies, your orange juice for your Easter mimosas will sour and everyone will be a little too tipsy to drive home.
  • Kids don’t get enough sugar, so you should make these Chocolate Peeps-on-a-Stick for them.
  • These easy-to-make Cupcake Toppers are too cute.
  • If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with this Cottontail Cake.
  • I’m going to make these Bunny Bottom-Rolls to go with the deviled eggs and ham for my Easter dinner.
  • This Bunny Bento Box Lunch is an awesome idea for kiddos. And husbands who ask you to make their lunches for them–I mean come-on, they’re not 12!
  • Almond Joy Cheese Ball sounds so good, I may not wait until the big E-day to make it.
  • I might be turning into a Basket-Case Bunny, myself.
  • Still not sure what to make? You’re one Stumped Bunny.
  • Breakfast Bunny Bottoms-Up Pancakes make the perfect Easter-morning warm-up meal.
  • Cake Push-up Pops sound even better than the Flinstones orange sherbert ones from when I was a kid.
  • I’d like to make this Fruity Bento Box for a picnic with the kids.
  • Bunny Butt Sundaes are the perfect treat for an after-egg-hunt snack.
  • Make-’em-with-the-kids Sugar Cookies seem like a great idea for before the big-day.
  • And here’s a bonus idea: I think pairing bunny butts with these Ducky Bottoms-Up Cakes is a great idea! Like peas and carrots! LOL!

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