25 Totally Adorable Easter Crafts

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Whether you have toddlers or teens, these 25 Totally Adorable Easter Crafts will provide hours of crafting awesomeness. Chances are as they grow up they won’t remember what you made, but they’ll always remember the time you spent crafting together.

My mom was a Pinterest mom before Pinterest existed. Every Easter we’d dig into the bin labeled Easter and make everything from construction paper woven Easter baskets, to stained glass window art. Looking back now I realize I can’t remember what most of those crafts looked like. What I do remember is all that time sitting at the table with my mom having fun.

Happy Easter and Have Fun!

These 25 Totally Adorable Easter Crafts make Easter that much more fun! | #easter #crafts #adorable #easy #eastercrafts

25 Totally Adorable Easter Crafts

  1. Your little ones will love making these Marshmallow Bunnies, and you’ll love seeing their faces light up as their bunnies come to life.
  2. Easter Chick Fruit Cups are a delicious and adorable snack for their Easter baskets and a healthier choice than candy alone.
  3. Not only are these Reece’s Cups fun to make, they’re totally fun to eat, too!
  4. How sweet are these DIY Daffodils? Create an indoor garden with those busy little preschoolers.
  5. This is an awesome way to Decorate Eggs with Glitter. And it’s so easy.
  6. These Puffy Paint Peeps look good enough to eat (but don’t, ’cause they’re really made with shaving cream).
  7. Watch your elementary age kids eyes light up as they create these Crystal Bunnies.
  8. Your toddler will build amazing hand/eye coordination as they make this Easter Egg Wreath.
  9. Kids will hop into action when it comes time to make this Paper Plate Basket craft.
  10. Did you know you can paint with paper? This Baby Chick Craft will show you how!These 25 Totally Adorable Easter Crafts make Easter that much more fun! | #easter #crafts #adorable #easy #eastercrafts
  11. I can’t believe the cuteness level of this tiny, printable Easter Basket!
  12. Anyone who has tweens knows that Washi tape is a part of life. This Washi Tape Bunny is so easy that anyone can make it, and so cool that your tweens won’t even mind when you show it off.
  13. Easter after-party? Yeah, make this adorable Eggtastic Mosaic Art!
  14. Carrot Easter Baskets are easy and adorable…both of which are a bonus when you have to make something for your child’s entire class.
  15. This Fingerprint Bunny and chicks makes me so very, very hoppy.
  16. Want something sweet and easy to make with your kiddo’s? Nutter Butter Chicks. Dip ’em and decorate ’em, then eat up the evidence and repeat.
  17. Jelly Bean Bracelets are a smash hit for older kids to make themselves, or you can make them ahead of time to slip into your child’s basket. Either way, edible jewelry is always a blast.
  18. These Sock Bunnies are so easy and adorable your kids will want to make them every Easter.
  19. Make memories to last a lifetime with these Handprint and Footprint Crafts for babies.
  20. Shaving Cream Painted Egg Cards are completely homemade and such a sweet way for your kids to send their love to relatives both near and far.
  21. Teens might say they aren’t into baskets anymore, but watch them change their tune with these Easter Egg Bath Bombs.
  22. Preschoolers will love making this Birds Nest filled with awww-dorable baby chicks.
  23. Paper Roll Bunnies are perfect for those kids who are too old for construction paper crafts, but too young for fully adult crafting. They’re really, kinda, the Goldilocks of Easter crafts…just right.
  24. Making these Handprint Animals with edible paint is one of those crafts you’ll want to do every year, just to watch their hands get bigger and bigger!

Kids grow up so fast, but these 25 Adorable Easter Crafts will help you build memories that will last a lifetime. And since we’ve included crafts for all ages, your entire family can enjoy crafting together.

If you’re looking for more awesomeness, check out this super-easy Minecraft Easter Egg video I did with my Hallecake last year. We’ll be doing it again this year, trust me. You can also check out this awesome idea-list of 100 Things to Put in Easter Eggs {that aren’t candy}, for those of you who want to lessen the sugar-overload this year.

Happy Easter!

These 25 Totally Adorable Easter Crafts make Easter that much more fun! | #easter #crafts #adorable #easy #eastercrafts

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  2. Very nice post Jamie and your blog is super awesome and beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this post!!

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