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25 Itsy Bitsy Spider Crafts

You know what really makes my skin crawl? Spiders! That’s why Spider Crafts make the perfect Halloween decoration because many feel the same way.

spider crafts

With Halloween on my mind, I sat gathering 25 Itsy Bitsy Spider Crafts from around the web that I am sure you will adore and enjoy this time of year.

Don’t worry, many of these crafts are not too creepy or crawly so they are perfect for kids too!

25 Itsy Bitsy Spider Crafts

  1. This Spider Slime is sure to be a favorite. After all, it’s just fake baby spiders and egg sacks!
  2. Miniature Halloween Treat Baskets using toy spiders are totally adorable. What isn’t in mini form?
  3. Bouncing Spiders are as cute as they are fun.
  4. Before rocks get buried in snow, head out and snag some to make these Playful Rock Spiders.
  5. Twig Spiders are the perfect way to reduce and reuse waste – plus, they are totally cute!
  6. I can’t get over how cute these Bottle Cap Spiders are.
  7. Spiders need webs to live in so these Paper Spiderwebs are a must-make craft!
  8. I am sure we all have mason jar lids lying around which is perfect for making this Mason Jar Lid Spider craft.
  9. In case you haven’t heard, the new Fall fashion is Spider Rings...
  10. Eat all those summer popsicles in the freezer then make these Popsicle Spider Webs.
  11. Or, these Popsicle Stick Spiders. So cute!
  12. Yard Spider Webs look cute and professional enough to throw up on your mantel. Nobody needs to know you made them if you don’t want them to! 😉
  13. You’ll love these Sparkly Spiders if you love glitter and bling!
  14. These Tin Can Spiders would make really cute Halloween neighbor or teacher gifts.
  15. Who knew a paper plate could make such a cute Paper Plate Spider?
  16. You’ll be the talk of the neighbor with these Spider Web Shoes.
  17. Don’t let this Huge Spider craft scare you – it’s fake but totally awesome.
  18. Get your hands squeaky clean with this crazy cool Spider Soap. These would make cool Halloween favors too!
  19. How cool is this Black Widow? I want to hang one outside my house!
  20. Oh, this is just your friendly neighborhood Sparkly Pumpkin Spider. No biggie.
  21. Ring, ring, it’s your Spider Necklace singing.
  22. Countdown to Halloween with this Spider Web Countdown.
  23. I am loving these Halloween Foam Spiders.
  24. This Spider Finger Puppet is a cute way to tell the story of the itsy bitsy spider.
  25. Painting with Spiders has never looked so fun and messy!

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