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25 Nail Hacks for Nail Polish, Nail Art & Cuticle Care

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I paint my nails about 20 times a month. That means my nails need a lot of maintenance. Check out these 25 Nail Hacks to help you care for your nails!

25 nail hacks for nail polish nail art and cuticle care

1. If you have stubborn glitter polish just use foil wraps to take it right off!

2. If you have an insane amount of nail polish, swatch it with this cute method.

3. If you want to keep nail polish off your skin, just use a little petroleum jelly.

4. Or you can even use Elmer’s Glue!

5. Mix acetone with glycerine for the best nail polish remover ever.

6. Make your own dotting tools for nail art. So easy!

7. Always use a super fast drying top coat to make your nails look professionally done.

8. You can use Color Street Nail Strips. They stay on for weeks and look totally adorable.

color street nail strips

9. There’s a special way to thin nail polish.

10. Make your own nail polish remover jar.

11. You can use hole reinforcements to paint a perfect french manicure.

12. There’s an easy way to unstick a nail polish lid.

13. This handy graphic shows you get full coverage polish on your nails.

14. Stick your hands in a bowl of ice water to dry nail polish fast.

15. Whiten your nails with toothpaste.

25 nail hacks

16. DIY Ombre nails are super simple with white nail polish.

17. Use a hole punch and tape to make cute shapes on your nails.

18. Wrap your tips to make your polish last longer.

19. Use a Q-Tip dipped in nail polish remover to get polish off your cuticles.

20. Don’t shake your nail polish, roll it to avoid bubbles.

21. To make neon nails pop, use white nail polish as a base coat.

22. Spray wet nails with cooking spray so they will dry faster.

23. Dab glitter onto your nails, don’t swipe it.

24. Lick your finger to fix a smudged nail!

25. You can use a teabag to fix a broken nail! WHAT?!

And if you’re looking for more, check out these 25 Kid’s Nail Art Hacks!

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  2. Great tips! I have one to share– if you use alot of hand sanitizer like me; final top coat needs to be one that contains acrylic. it will hold up much longer.

  3. I have a problem keeping nail polish on my nails it only lasts a couple days cause I consitantly use water how can I keep polish on my nails?

    1. You need to but the top coat called “Seche Vite” It really is the very best thing. Oh, and get some “nail polish thinner” because it gets a little thick before you get to the end of the bottle. I like mine to be super thin.

      1. i use a this stuff sallys sells called fiberglass network it prolongs the polish. its a basecoat. and the top coat Seche Vite she mentioned is the best

      2. agreed. Seche Vite makes it look like you just stepped out of a salon. It’s totally fool-proof as long as you keep it really thin.

  4. Libby, Incoco are the best wraps as they don’t need a hairdryer and mine last 3 weeks. You need varnish remover to take them off! Check them out!

  5. Jamie, if you wipe your nails with remover before putting the wraps on, they will stay on better. Just don’t touch the nail bed after wiping them because the oils from your fingers will not allow a good adhesion. The Sally Hanson ones are easy to put on because you can use a pointed wood stick to go around the overlapping area and then just peal away. It works pretty well, try it out.
    I get them relatively cheap at a place called Ocean State Job lot. They have tons of designs.

  6. I LOVE the cheap (relatively so, compared to other nail art wraps) Sally Hansen nail films. They last at least 2 weeks for me (with base and top coat) and the only reason I even take them off then is because I hate growth and I’m a picker if I see any part of my nail. I also just fell in love with the brand they sell at JCP salons (brand isn’t popping up in my brain at the minute) They have also proved to be super durable!! I happened to see them last winter when they were swapping out seasons. Usually 12.99 for 20 nails – were on sale for 2.47. Super cool designs.

    1. See, I can still get better wear out of traditional polish with a seche vite top coat. If I could get those wraps and films to stay on better I would totally do it!

  7. Jamie- do you know about Jamberry nail wraps?! All your nails issues solved. They’re a non-toxic vinyl nail wrap that you apply AT HOME with heat and pressure. You can use your hair dryer!!! They last up to 2 weeks on your fingers and 6 weeks on your toes. Really. No joke.

  8. As a mom of three young boys, painted nails and going to the salon are not in my near future. These are some awesome tips, would like to try a few out.

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