25 Un-Christmas Grinch Treats

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Too many Christmas Parties? Too much F-U-N this holiday season? Well, have no fear, friends. These 25 Un-Christmas Grinch Treats will be sure to keep your Christmas spirit simmering on low! (Just kidding-I can’t help myself!)

There’s no way I get through the holiday season without watching the Grinch. Every time I do, I think of the first time I saw it as a kid during a party at school. It makes me want to share that same wonderful memory with my kids every year! So, this year, I’m going to throw a totally Un-Christmas Grinch Movie-Watching Party for my son and daughter…and we’ll be making these Grinch Treats to go with!

  • Mint is one of my favorite flavors and nothing is more minty-perfection to me than Andes Mints…which makes these Andes Mint Cookies top on my list to make this year!
  • I can’t resist treats of bright and stunning color. A batch of Bright Swirl Sugar Cookies will certainly be the brightest, stunning-est item on my table for the party!
  • Grinch Punch? Yes please!
  • Easy to make and delicious to boot, these Pinwheel Swirl Sugar Cookies are so pretty, I almost don’t want to eat them.
  • The best part of the movie is the whole “heart-grows-bigger” concept. How better to share that with your kids than by nibbling on Grinch’s Heart Cookies?!
  • Children, no matter their age, can’t resist the allure of the Grinch Cupcake…that’s why they come in batches of 12…
  • Although this recipe was originally intended for St. Patrick’s day, these would make perfect Grinch Tails (AKA Tiger Tails).
  • Who doesn’t want popcorn while watching a movie? This Green Popcorn recipe is sure to hit the spot!25 UnChristmas Grinch Treats Feature
  • Plain popcorn not filling enough? Try this Green Popcorn and Pretzel Mix for a little more heft in your during-movie-snack.
  • Soft, yummy and made with pistachio, these Pistachio Pudding Cookies are definitely a snack worth baking!
  • 5 Ingredient Grinch Fudge-the name says it all. Only five ingredients, green, and very fudgey? I’m in.
  • A fun twist on a classic cookie recipe, these Chocolate Mint Thumbprint Cookies look good enough that I’m not sure I’m willing to share with the kids.

25 UnChristmas Grinch Treats Pintrest

  • No doubt, these Grinch Oreo Pops will be delicious-and easy to make.
  • After eating all these fabulous treats, I’m going to need some Grinch Punch!
  • Key Lime Cheesecake Bar would be refreshing, sweet and tart in all the right ways.
  • This Layered Egg-Nog Cake is so beautiful, I’m afraid that I might not be willing to eat it-but I will! LOL!
  • I almost feel sorry for Mr. Melty the Melted Snowman Cookie…perhaps I’ll just be putting him out of his misery if I serve him for our party!
  • In order to make these Rice Krispie Treat Trees a little more grinch-y, we might bend the tops over…
  • To give us something to suck on (and maybe fill us up just a little less), we might make some Grinch Glass together before the movie.
  • Green-Creame Doughnuts would be first on my son’s list of favorites.
  • I love the idea of these Grinch Pinata Cookies! A hidden treat inside the cookie! Woohoo!
  • These Chocolate-Mint Swirl Cookies have the perfect blend of chocolate, mint and yum to make a girl swoon.
  • I’ve always wanted to make a Green Velvet Whoopie Pie-why not try now?
  • If we’re having another record-hot day when I throw this party for the kids, we’re going to have a Grinch Parfait to cool us down.
  • How the Grinch Became a Kiwi might be a healthy alternative to all the sugary goodness that I’m planning to put in my kiddos!
  • Another, also very yummy-looking Grinch Punch that I can’t wait to try and wash down all these goodies!

25 UnChristmas Grinch Treats SquareWant more? This Grinch Punch certainly looks tasty!


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