27 Bake Sale Treats Made in 15-Minutes or Less

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Nothing cracks me up more than the little voice hollering from the bathroom as he’s showering, “Mom! I have a bake sale tomorrow at school. I said you’d be bringing something awesome!” Keep in mind that he showers like RIGHT BEFORE he goes to bed…For just such emergencies, I’ve got a list of 27 Bake Sale Treats that are cute, easy and take 15-minutes or less to make.

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Now, I would like to point-out that the actual “you” time in all of these recipes is less than 15 minutes, however, on some of these, there is a required cooling-period in the fridge or an overnight, even…so, beware.

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Nothing says “Rock Star Bake Sale Mom” like being able to drop a load of these cute, delicious goods on the bake sale table…and nobody knows you weren’t up all night!

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