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27 Chicken Recipes Under 7 Dollars

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Chicken is one of the cheapest and healthiest ways a to feed a family but you can get tired of trying to think of new ways to fix it. We’ve gathered 27 easy chicken recipes under 7 dollars that will help you get started with some from ideas for making chicken in an all new way.

We are excited to welcome Tawra Kellam from Living on a Dime today. We love everything about their blog!

chicken recipes under seven dollars

  1. This is the best chicken ever. We have declared it, and your family will, too.
  2. This oven fried chicken is easy to make and doesn’t get your stove all messy!
  3. This chicken is actually made with orange soda! (I was skeptical at first, too– just try it!)
  4. Chicken fruit salad is perfect for a light lunch. My kid can’t get enough.
  5. The only thing I love more than chicken tacos is chicken tacos I can make in my crockpot.
  6. Easy garlic roast chicken is deliciously awesome. In every way.
  7. Comfort food and chicken noodle soup go hand in hand. This recipe is a must-try.
  8. I was totally skeptical about apricot chicken until I gave it a try, the sweet adds an awesome flavor.
  9. Maple glazed chicken is like eating the best part of chicken and waffles in every maple-y bite.
  10. Green chili chicken pasta reminds me of little Hatch taco stand in New Mexico.
  11. You won’t believe how many different meals you can make with this slow cooker Mexican chicken.
  12. The secret to these three-ingredient chicken tenders is parmesan!
  13. This creamy chicken breast recipe has amazing flavor. We have it all the time!
  14. I just love chicken dumplings and this version is amazing.
  15. You can make this spaghetti sauce in less than ten minutes. Seriously.
  16. You can make this slow cooker chicken into three yummy meals!
  17. Cherry chicken? Yes, please!
  18. This easy chicken tortilla soup is better than you can get at a restaurant!
  19. I love everything about this greek pasta chicken salad. You might want to make an extra batch because it’s even better the second day!
  20. Stick these chicken fajitas in your slow cooker and you will have a perfect Mexican meal after a long day.
  21. My mom used to make this panko chicken. It always brings back memories!27 chicken recipes under 7 dollars
  22. These Mango Chicken Wraps are delicious. Totally delicious.
  23. Your kids can help you make these easy chicken tostadas.
  24. Enchilada soup is so good! I eat it all the time.
  25. Strawberry salsa chicken salad always reminds me of the perfectly healthy meal you have on a spa day!
  26. You only need four ingredients to make this amazing tasting chicken salad.
  27. Everyone you know will love these buffalo chicken bites. Promise.

Jill Cooper and Tawra Kellam are frugal living experts and the authors of the Dining On A Dime Cookbook. Dining On A Dime will help you save money on groceries and get out of debt by cooking quick and simple homemade meals. For free tips & recipes visit Living On A Dime.

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