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You Can Get A 3-Bedroom Camping Tent Complete With A Living Room and Screened Porch

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I love camping. But more like “camping” I guess. I still like my comfort. And man, did we just find the mother of all amazing camping tents!

Simply Hike

Say hello to the Vango Diablo 900x. The queen of all tents for camping…at least in my opinion.

This nifty not so little tent has 3 bedrooms! Now more squishing next to your siblings in a tiny tent (no, I’m not bitter!).


Not only does it have 3 bedroom, but it has a living room AND a screened in porch! Where on earth were these when I was younger? This is camping in style.


It takes about 20 minutes to set up, but has a tutorial video, and if you really think about it…that’s not much time when you’re creating a full-on home tent. If only it had a bathroom too…

This tent measures over 27 feet long by 28 feet wide and is made of fire retardant polyester. The living room measures roughly 11 feet by 13 feet and is just over 7 feet tall.


The tent will comfortably sleep nine. people. Talk about a party. Whether you’re into camping or glamping, whether you want to hang out with family or friends, THIS is definitely the tent for you!

You can check out this tent here.


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