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3 Things You Should Never Give To Charity

I love how we as a society have come up with so many ways and opportunities to help out our friends and neighbors, colleagues and even strangers who may be a little down on their luck.

There are food drives, clothing drives, fund raisers etc all aimed at collecting items from the ‘haves’ to share with the ‘have nots’. Sadly, the need outweighs the supply, but as good citizens we can all do our part to help each other out.

One way we can really help out, is by taking a close look at what it is that we give. Is what we’re giving truly something someone can use, or is it something we need to just throw away. Seriously, take a good hard look at that pair of shoes with the insoles peeled back, the sole worn down and the scuffs down the side and ask yourself, “Are these really better than nothing?”

We mean well, and perhaps we see a little bit of life left in those things that could use a little TLC, but we need to ditch the attitude that tells us our broken and worn out stuff would be a welcome gift to someone who doesn’t have anything. Because, let’s face it, our garbage is just that, garbage. So when you’re feeling to urge to purge, keep this in mind, 3 Things You Should Never Give to Charity

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3 Things You Should Never Give To Charity

1. Torn and / or Stained Clothes

If you are not going to wear it, why should anybody else? Just because someone is down on their luck, doesn’t mean they need to dress in rags. I think the majority of us have at least two perfectly fine articles of clothing tucked away somewhere. Why not donate those instead? Do you have something that has a stain you can’t seem to get out? Take it to the cleaners. If they can get the stain out, awesome! Now you can keep it for yourself, or donate it now that it looks brand new again. What about those pants that have a broken zipper and a tear? Fix it or forget it. Try a seamstress or tailor if it’s out of your skill set and voila! You can donate the professionally repaired items to the people who don’t have the  time or money to do it for themselves.

2. Broken Anything

There are few things more depressing, frustrating and aggravating then trying to use a broken kettle to boil water because you can’t afford to buy a new one. Imagine the tears and sadness from the families who rely on the kindness of others when it comes to birthday’s or holidays. The families that can only afford to get their kids the broken toys someone donated to the thrift shop. Picture your own children on their birthday, and imagine their reaction to getting a puzzle that was missing pieces,  or a wagon with a broken axle. If when you come across one of your possessions and you say to yourself, “Well, it’s better than nothing,” and, ” Someone could fix it” lemme just say, no. If it doesn’t do what it is intended to do, it is not better than nothing. Also, if someone can fix it, let that someone be you. Again, hire a repair person if it is beyond your abilities, and give the now working and functional item to those who need it.

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3. Food That YOU Won’t Eat

That’s just rude. If you had to shop at the food bank for your meals and toiletries, how would you feel if the only things on the shelf were boxes of crackers that are sure to be as delicious as cardboard and cans of some horribly slimy (is it even a vegetable?) concoction? And before you say, ” Well, it’s better than starving,” consider for a moment: is it really? Faced with absolutely nothing left to eat but a can of slimy beans, that you aren’t really sure are even beans…would forcing yourself to eat it be better than starving? I imagine you’d actually have to try it to know for sure.

If It Is Not Good Enough For You Throw It Out.

People who are down on their luck do not need your garbage. They need your help. We all want the same things.  Comfortable clothes that look nice, the necessary working tools and appliances to get through our day, and nutritious and pleasant food to eat. It’s fabulous that you have decided to donate some of your surplus goods to those who need it, but please, give kindly, responsibly and respectfully.

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