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30 Unbelievably Fast Pressure Cooker Recipes

No pressure, but if you aren’t cooking with a pressure cooker yet – you’re wasting your time. Seriously, pressure cookers are truly fast food…and most of the dishes can be made in 30 minutes or less! That means even if you get home late from work, you can have a hot, home-cooked meal on the table faster than a pizza could be delivered. Don’t believe me? Check out these amazingly, unbelievably fast pressure cooker recipes below!

30 Unbelievably Fast Pressure Cooker Recipes

30 Unbelievably Fast Pressure Cooker Recipes

In the oven, these roasted potatoes would take almost an hour. Pressure cooker? Five minutes flat.

My microwave lasagnas take about eight minutes…this  sloppy lasagna is done in five.

Forget about boiling eggs on the stove, these “boiled” eggs are ready in less than five. And easier to peel!

Family wants dessert but you didn’t pick anything up? How about 3-minute rice pudding.

Know that amazing feeling of smelling beef stew cooking away in your home all day? Forget about it. Now it can be on the table in 25 minutes.

Drive to the store, pick up a roasted chicken, stand in line at the cash register, drive back home. Or just make this 30-minute roasted chicken.

Pressure cooker favorites

30-minute chicken chile verde? And no heat from the oven? This might be a new favorite at my house!

Make fried chicken the way the Colonel (Sanders, that is) intended with this 20-minute fried chicken.

This 30-minute beef stroganoff was the first pressure cooker recipe I tried, and it’s the reason I will never turn back.

Craving Chipotle? Now you can make the cilantro lime rice at home in three minutes.

Last minute bbq’s don’t have to be a nightmare with these 25-minute barbecue pork spare ribs.

If I’d known beef bourguignon could be ready in 30 minutes, I swear I would have bought a pressure cooker YEARS ago!

incredible pressure cooker recipes

Let’s not forget about dessert! Start this 35-minute samoa cheesecake when you sit down for dinner, and enjoy it before the dishes are done that same night.

Oven baked french fries take about 23 minutes. These 15-minute french fries will not only taste better, they use whole potatoes so no more processed food!

Oh, chicken marsala, you 20 minute wonder of wonders. Usually I order this from a local Italian place, but this is So much faster and SO much better!

So you can make delicious spaghetti squash in the oven in about an hour, or just pop it into the pressure cooker for 17 minutes. Hard decision, right?

12-minute frozen to fabulous barbecue chicken breast is really a marvel of modern cooking! I mean, get home from work, pop this puppy in, go wipe off your makeup, and come out to dinner ready to be served. Oh Em Gee.

Need a fast side dish for a family gathering? How about 5-minute scalloped potatoes? Pop on some sour cream and bacon when they’re done and people will be begging for the recipe.

Super fast pressure cooker recipes

From fresh to finished in 30 minutes, this turkey breast is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Forget about waiting all day for your New England clam chowder to finish cooking. Now you can have it in 15 minutes, piping hot and ready for oyster crackers.

Your friends just called: they’re bringing beer and a movie. Surprise them with this 32-minute shrimp boil and y’all will be up to your elbows in shells before the beer has a chance to cool.

You only think you want your ribeye steaks on the grill because you haven’t tried these 15 minute ribeyes yet.

This 20-minute cabbage roll soup was a favorite in my house growing up, but it took so long to cook!

Start this 10-minute steel-cut oatmeal before you hop in the shower in the morning. Quick rinse, and then hot, healthy breakfast before work.

pressure cooker recipes your family will love

7-minute mac & cheese will have your children begging for seconds. Plus, it’s even faster than you can make it in a pot!

These 35-minute baked beans are amazing for any picnic, but the best part is yours are made from scratch.

Next time you want something warm and hearty in your tummy, try this 25-minute butternut squash and ginger soup.

Creme brulee is one of those desserts that everyone loves but no one wants to make because it’s so complicated. How does six-minutes sound to you?

Fresh 10-minute spinach artichoke dip is going to win over your party guests and your tastebuds!

Know how much you love that crunchy roasted corn you buy in the bags at the store? Now you can make it at home in 30 minutes. No. Kidding.

best pressure cooker recipes you'll find anywhere

When I think about all the time I wasted, literally wasted, over the years that I spent not cooking with a pressure cooker my mind is boggled. All I can do is be so so glad I have one now and I can’t wait to see what new recipes I find next! Want more pressure cooker recipes? Tell us what you’re looking for in the comments below!

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Saturday 3rd of September 2016

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