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Here Are The 31 New Emojis Coming To iPhones And You Have To See The Jellyfish

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Who’s up for some new emojis?

We all love a good emoji, AMIRITE?

There’s not a better way to express yourself on social media, in texts, in emails, or however you choose to use your emojis. Prove me wrong.

Well, Apple just released their iOS 16.4 developer beta, and now we know what the new emojis are going to be.

Thanks to Emojipedia, we have our first look of what they will possibly look like, and they are pretty dang cool.

These emojis were actually introduced last year, but we are finally to the point where they are doing beta testing for iOS 16.4.

In this emoji drop, we are going to get three new hearts: a pink, a gray, and a light blue.


There’s also going to be a shaking face — and it’s hella cute.


We’re going to get a bunch of new animals: moose, donkey, black bird, swan, and a jellyfish.

I’m all about that jellyfish!!


They are throwing in a few emojis from several different emoji categories: a hyacinth, a ginger root, a pea pod, a hand-held fan, a hair pick, maracas, and a wooden flute recorder.


There are right and left pushing hands, and two new symbols: a Khanda, and a wireless symbol.


Not bad for a new emoji drop, right?!?


Now, it’s important to note that the images we are showing you might change just a bit before the final versions drop.

You can check out the emojis now by downloading the iOS 16.4 beta 1 release. You can get this through Apple’s Developer Program.

The final version of the emojis are expected to drop sometime in March or April 2023.


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