31 of the Coolest, Best Coffee Shops to Visit

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Let’s face it, there is nothing as good in the morning as a great cup of coffee. It makes you happier and boosts your energy levels, ready for the day.

And it doesn’t end there… a cup of coffee every morning even makes you live longer.

Seriously, research indicates that drinking coffee may increase life expectancy by up to 20% and 24% for men and women, respectively.   

And while there are thousands of local cafes where you can grab a cup of coffee, some coffee shops are simply better than others.

And we aren’t just talking Starbucks Secret Menu kind of awesome here or anything. Coffee connoisseurs look for coffee houses that offer exotic coffee, in addition to such things as live music and delicious food.

Unfortunately, locating the best coffee shops in your area is not always a walk in the park, especially with the wide variety of options you have at your disposal. We’re aware of that, so we’ve made a list of 31 of the most fantastic coffee shops to visit. 

But before that, let’s look at the U.S. city with the most coffee shops per capita, the number of coffee shops in the U.S., the average revenues from coffee shops, and what you need to know to run a coffee house. 

Feel free to jump ahead!

Which U.S. city has the most coffee shops per capita?

Being surrounded by great coffee shops is the utopia-kind of life for coffee lovers. Unfortunately, not all places have many incredible coffee houses that can interest coffee connoisseurs.

And if you’re a coffee lover and are planning to travel to the U.S., chances are that you’ll be interested to know the U.S. city with the most coffee shops per capita. 

The bad news is that finding an outright answer to this question is not easy. This is especially true because coffee shops are being opened in numerous cities day in day out. The good news is that thousands of coffee cafes have delicious coffee for you to enjoy, especially in major cities.

However, according to recent research, Berkeley, California, has the most coffee shops per capita, with a coffee house for every 2073 people.

How many coffee shops are in the U.S.?

Whether you’re interested in investing in the coffee industry or are planning to visit the U.S., you’ve probably wondered the number of coffee shops there are in the country. 

If that’s you, we have the answer for you. As of 2019, there were 35,616 coffee shops in the U.S., with more being opened in the past year.  

How much do coffee shops make?

In addition to being your own boss and setting your schedule, making profits is the main reason many entrepreneurs dream of opening their businesses.

So, for the sake of the entrepreneur looking to open a coffee house, how much do coffee shops make?

Research shows that most coffee house owners make a personal income of anywhere between $60,000 to $160,000.

This value changes depending on factors, including the shop’s location and the type of coffee they sell.  

What to know about running coffee shops?

Running a coffee house isn’t always a cakewalk, especially if it’s your first attempt to enter the coffee industry. Luckily, a thorough business plan, hard work, and expert guidance are all you need to get you up and running. 

Below, we’ll discuss what you should consider when opening a coffee house, the coffee shop equipment you need, and the laws and regulations to look out for.

1. What to consider when opening a coffee shop

Any business demands that you have a plan and strategy to move forward successfully. As for the coffee shop, your plan needs to have several factors reviewed, including:

  • Location: Location plays an enormous role in the success of your coffee shop. Your cafe may have the best unique blends of coffee in town, but no one will know if they can’t locate you. Be sure to pick a location that is easy to find and get to. If possible, set up your coffee shop in the main street, street corners, or any downtown location – walking distance from main public amenities. 
  • Interior design: Once you’ve identified the best location for your coffee shop, you have to draw customers to your doors and keep them in. And what other better way to do this other than emphasize the interior design of your café. Leverage the design of your coffee shop to create and reinforce your brand. You may decide to create outdoor seating to give your customers a fresh feel of the surrounding. Ensure that the area behind your coffee bar is set up in a way that allows several baristas to work at once to increase efficiency. Also, seating needs to be spaced out for social distancing and to give your customers the feel of freedom. 
  • Drink and food menu: Having various exciting and original foods and drinks can be a plus for your business. Provide your customers with assortments of coffees, including cereal milk latte, drip coffee, french press coffee, artisan coffee, hot tea, etc. You can also offer accompaniments such as ice cream and breakfast sandwiches. However, make sure to choose the types of coffee enjoyed by the local communities.

2. Coffee shop equipment 

Besides having a professional barista, you require the proper equipment to whip up quality Coffee. One essential piece of equipment is the coffee roaster for roasting your own beans. A coffee maker is yet another staple piece of equipment, which will determine the quality and quantity of the coffee you brew. Other vital equipments for your coffee shop include:

  • Espresso machine to make espresso drinks
  • Blenders
  • Cooking equipment
  • Coffee grinders
  • Freezers and refrigerators for cold brew

3. Laws and regulations for foodservice

The laws and regulations that control the food service vary depending on the country and state. If you’re in the U.S., check the FDA’s laws on food and beverage service. Make sure to acquire all the required licenses before setting up your coffee shop. 

Which are the coolest, best coffee shops to visit?

Now that you know everything about coffee shops let’s look at the 31 best coffee shops you can visit for a hot drink on a cold day or even a cold brew when you need one. 

1. Little Pearl – Washington DC

A coffee house by day and wine bar by night, Little Pearl, provides Washington DC residents with one of the most incredible places to spend some time. The shop is set in a lovely vintage setting, allowing its visitors to enjoy some of the best coffee assortments in the country. Enjoy a potato donut, inventive coffees, elote tostadas from the café today!

2. Pangolin Café – Reno, Nevada

Serving you some of the best coffee, tea, and sparkling drinks, Pangolin Café is among the must-go-to houses in the U.S. The café also allows its customers to purchase drinks online, including locally-roasted coffee beans and loose leaf tea.

3. Sightglass – San Francisco, CA

Sightglass offers its customers all they need in one package, from their brewing classes to the in-the-round open coffee bar. Its interiors of high ceilings and the ambient aesthetics make the coffee house an attractive place to enjoy a cup of coffee. 

4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters – New York City, NY

Stumptown sources its coffee from all regions of the world, making it the go-to coffee shop if you want to taste a variety of coffees. The coffee house has maintained a positive relationship with the farmers, contributing to the quality of coffee and brews they receive. 

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is driven by transparency and quality control, ensuring they produce the best coffee in the city.  

5. Local Coffee House – Aspen, CO

In addition to its great place and setting, the Local Coffee House offers you some of the best coffee varieties, including turmeric and matcha latte. You also get coffee add-ons, including CBD, lavender flavoring, or even a shot of Jameson to jumpstart your morning. 

6. Heritage Bikes & Coffee – Chicago, IL

During its nine years in operation, Heritage Bikes & Coffee has been one of the best places for coffee lovers. This coffee house combines handcrafted bicycles with coffee culture, making it an attractive place to grab your favorite drinks, including cappuccinos, lattes, cortados, to name a few.

7. Bonanza Coffee Roaster – Berlin, Germany

If you’re a coffee-lover, your journey in Berlin would indeed be incomplete without visiting the Bonanza Coffee Roaster in Germany’s biggest city. The coffee house is one of the most famous coffee outlets globally – and for a reason. In addition to its unique designs, it has a variety of coffees for its customers. 

8. Café Tortoni – Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you’ve ever visited Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires, then you understand why experts say that “Old is Gold.” Being among the oldest coffee houses in Argentina, Tortoni provides tourists and locals with a vintage-like area to enjoy coffee. The café is a hotspot for artists, politicians, celebrities, and musicians, making its services high-end.

9. Mom ‘N ‘Em Coffee – Cincinnati, OH

Started by two brothers as a give-back to their mother, the Mom’ N ‘Em Coffe is among the best places to grab a cup of Coffee in Cincinnati. In addition to coffee, the café offers a wide variety of drinks, including wine and spirits

10. Crema Coffee House – Denver, CO

This cozy coffee shop serves its customers some of the best brewed coffee and house-made food. Whether you’re looking for a cup of your favorite drink, some snacks, or food to fill up your stomach, Crema is the place to be. While its original location at Larimer Street is the best place to grab a cold brew or some food, all its satellite coffee houses also have what you want in a coffee house.   

11. Sidewinder – Cincinnati, OH

Located in Cincinnati, Sidewinder is among the great places to go to for a coffee lover. The coffee shop provides its customers with a wide variety of tea, coffee, and tasty treats. 

12. Café Central – Viena, Austria

Since 1876, Café Central has been Austria’s best coffee maker. The coffee shop has been the hotspot for some of the world’s geniuses, including Leon Trotsky and Sigmund Freud. Make sure to visit Café Central whenever you’re in Viena, Austria.

13. Coffeebar – Redwood City, CA

Coffeebar’s primary focus is to provide the highest quality food and coffee in a hotel-like environment. This coffee house provides some of the most delicious coffee drinks, tea, baked treats, and lunch menu. 

14. Madcap Coffee – Grand Rapids, MI

Madcap Coffee is dedicated to offering its customers the best varieties of coffee there are in the world. The café tastes more than 3,000 coffees each year to find the best types for their customers. 

15. Bean About Town – Honolulu, HI

Having started as a food truck, Bean About Town has grown to become one of the best coffee houses in the world. Today, the coffee shop serves its customers with a full brunch menu, in addition to pizza and pasta.

16. Iris Book Café – Cincinatti, OH

Situated in Over The Rhine, Cincinnati, this “locavore’s delight” offers some of the best espressos in the world, mouth and watering homemade delights. Besides the coffee and food, the place has remarkable walls covered with vintage art exhibitions and books. There’s also an outdoor patio where you’ll love to sit and sip your favorite coffee on warm days.

17. Wyoming Community Coffee – Wyoming, OH

In addition to being a favorite coffee house of Laramie residents for years, Wyoming Community Coffee also attracts people worldwide. Being a small coffee shop, the café manages to keep its customers happy and entertained.

18. Weathervane Cafe – Denver, CO

This café has become one of the best coffee shops in Colorado, thanks to its great place and mouthwatering food. Weathervane has comfortable vintage couches, cozy nooks, and WiFi, ideal for working and meetings for those who like to sit in. In addition, the hanging plants and art offer an unpretentious feel.

19. Blue Sparrow Coffee – Denver, CO

One of the best things about this coffee house is that it encourages customers to bring their food and drinks. Besides, you can also order some food and drinks to enjoy alongside your coffee. To sum it up, Blue Sparrow is one of the best places you can choose if you want to enjoy good coffee and hot chocolate with your friends.

20. Lighthouse Coffee – Midlothian, TX

The cozy coffee house is one of the favorite places to have a cup of Coffee in Midlothian, Texas. They have awesome live music.

21. Old World Coffee Lab – Carson City, NV

The coffee shop is the ideal destination for all Carson City residents whenever they want to have a cup of coffee or take a hot drink as they hold a small meeting with friends. Besides serving its customers some of the best coffees, Old World Coffee Lab also offers a wide range of snacks for its customers to enjoy.

22. Bibo Coffee Co. – Reno, NV

As its name implies, Bibo Coffee Co. is all about serving customers with the best coffees in Reno. On top of that, you’ll enjoy a wide range of sandwiches and baked items to offer; indeed, this should be your best second location after home.

23. Amethyst Coffee Company – Denver, CO

Serving its customers in Denver, Co Amethyst Coffee Company has managed to earn the trust of its loyal customers. The café offers its customers some of the best brewed and pour-over coffees.

24. Huckleberry Roasters – Denver, CO

The specialty coffee of this café is its organic, fair-trade coffee beans. Aside from freshly brewed coffees, Huckleberry Roastersals offers some tasty pastries and sandwiches to its customers.

25. Queen City Collective Coffee -Denver, CO

If you find yourself in Denver, Colorado, visit Queen City Collective Coffee. The café keeps its customers coming back for more with its mouthwatering baked goods and brewed coffee.

26. Höma’ge – Reno, NV

If you’d like to enjoy some of the best Coffee in Ralston Street, Reno, NV, Höma’ge is the place to visit. It is one of the popular coffee shops in the city, thanks to its innovative coffee-making methods. You can enjoy their Latte Miel designed to satisfy your eyes as you drink. You can try a hot drink during cold months or a cold brew like an iced latte on the patio on warm days.

27. Jostella Coffee Co. – Reno, NV

Jostella has become one of Reno’s most popular coffee shops due to its wide range of baked goods and brewed coffees. Additionally, it offers sandwiches and salads for its customers to enjoy.

28. Civil Goat Coffee- Austin, TX

Get ready for some down home fun at Civil Goat. It’s all about coffee with that Texas flair and that Austin vibe. The café is known for its specialty coffee.

29. Corvus Coffee  Roasters

This unique café is a great place in Denver to enjoy the finest coffees. Corvus Coffee Roasters has become one of the most famous cafés in Colorado thanks to its delicious beans and outstanding customer service.

30. Thunderbird Coffee, Austin, TX

Thunderbird is one of the places you need to visit when you want to enjoy fresh fruits and Coffee in Austin, Tx. The café offers its customers some delectable sandwiches and baked items while serving them the best coffee.

31. Jupiter House Coffee – Denton, TX

This is a shout out to the coffee shop that made me fall in love with coffee shops in the first place. My hometown, homegrown coffee house. They have a muffin you will dream about for years and years to come. Oh, and their coffee is amazing, the atmosphere is top notch, and the barista’s are my favorite.

Here’s the thing…

The best coffee shops have a unique way of preparing their drink. They also have an assortment of coffees for your curiosity and different foods to cater to diverse customers’ needs. But the experience shouldn’t be about the drink and food alone. The design, setup, and environment as a whole change the whole coffee drinking experience. This article discusses 31 coffee shops and what makes them unique- and why you’ll be deeply head over heels in love with them.

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