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35 Epic Halloween Candied Apple Recipes

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This Halloween, dress up as Martha Stewart and whip out these 35 Epic Halloween Candied Apple Recipes. These are the best of the best and every single one is totally doable with easy ingredients you probably already have at home. The best part? We’ve got recipes for pretty much every occasion! Booger apples for kids, Spiderman, bleeding apples for those slightly more macabre friends, and the most gorgeous chocolate covered sunflower seed apple you’ve ever seen. Make this year epic with these truly craveworthy treats! Enjoy!

Epic Halloween Candied Apple Recipes

35 Epic Halloween Candied Apple Recipes

These chocolate and popcorn candy apples are basically a popcorn ball wrapped around a candied apple, and there is nothing I don’t love about that.

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds caramel apples will be the prettiest darn apples at any party you go to!

Remember how much you loved Mother’s Iced Animal Crackers? These white chocolate covered apples with sprinkles will give you that amazing nostalgia and let you share it with your kids.

And who doesn’t love old fashioned Kraft caramel apples? We all grew up on them. It’s time to pass them down.

These white chocolate cotton candy apples are melt-in-your-mouth good.

Try this granola candy apple next time you want a crunchy, sweet treat.

This dark chocolate marshmallow apple is basically like biting into a little piece of heaven.

Epic Halloween Candied Apples

Give your guests a little bit of ‘aww’ with this pumpkin caramel apple.

Bring these candy apple monsters to your next monster mash.

Spider webbed caramel apples take a little time to make, but the results are so worth the effort!

No one is going to believe you’ve got an apple hidden inside this chocolate caramel apple cauldron.

Jack Skellington chocolate covered apples are perfect for the Nightmare Before Christmas fan in your life.

Try making s’mores caramel apples next time you crave s’mores. You won’t regret it!

These slutty caramel apples (dairy free) are fast, easy and messy…and everything you’ll love about Halloween!

Epic Halloween Candied Apples

How amazingly beautiful are these pastel swirl cotton candy apples?

Want something truly bright for your party this year? Check out these neon candy apples. They’re like the 80’s on a stick!

We love these Oreo caramel apples because it’s Oreos…on a caramel apple.

If you’re planning early for Dia de los Muertos, these sugar skull caramel apples are going to make you smile.

Want caramel apples that have a bit of everything? Check out these ultimate caramel apples recipes!

Any True Blood fan will appreciate the beauty of these bloody candy apples.

Are you looking for apples with a bit of elegance? Check out these chocolate caramel apples.

Epic Halloween Candied Apples

Disneyland’s apple pie caramel apples are so adorable and just like what your Disney fan would find at the park!

Bring a bit of Marvel into your kitchen with these Spiderman candy apples.

The salty and sweet crunch of these chocolate pretzel caramel apples is a bit of happy in every bite.

I’ve never seen anything quite as dark as these spooky black caramel apples.

There’s a little heat in every bite of these red hot candy apples.

Galaxy candy apples are out of this world fun!

These deconstructed caramel apples are perfect for those who don’t want a traditional caramel apple, but still want the taste.

Epic Halloween Candied Apples

Rice Krispie caramel apples are the perfect snap, crackle, pop for your caramel apple fan!

These cinnamon caramel apple pumpkins are too cute not to give out as gifts.

These marshmallow cream booger caramel apples are disgustingly fun and will delight your kids.

If you want something that’s true chocolate heaven, check out these Nutella candied apples. You won’t be disappointed.

Simple and tasty are the name of the game for these vanilla bourbon caramel apples.

Bring a little elegance to any party with these silver and gold candy apples. They’re glittery and you won’t believe how very rich.

These bleeding candy apples really do look like blood is boiling out of the top. Truly an amazing candy apple experience!

Epic Halloween Candied Apples


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