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35 Ways To Upcycle Old Doors

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You’ll be shocked at all the amazing and unique things you can do with old doors. In fact, these 35 Ways To Upcycle Old Doors might actually blow your mind! Make a fence? Who knew! How about using cabinets to make kid desks. Amazing. Have fun!

There are so many ways to upcycle old doors into creative and cool new home decor

35 Ways To Upcycle Old Doors

Give your pantry a touch of elegance with sliding pantry door.

An old screen door will give your plants a fun trellis on which to climb.

If you’re looking for a vintage headboard, look no further than the old doors in your own home.

This door entry bench is a wonderful way to turn something old into something new and practical.

Give your children a truly fun toy box made out of old cabinet doors!

Here are a few creative ways to upcycle an old door into a new piece of home decor

One old bedroom door is all you’ll need to make this gorgeous corner shelf.

Take the fun outside with this beverage bar station. Perfect for a patio or sunroom.

Turn a cabinet door into a tray for your coffee table, or to add a splash of color to your living room.

What you’ll love about this diy baby gate is that it looks so much cuter than the ugly baby gates that you’ll find in the stores.

This sofa made out of old doors takes a little time to make, but you won’t find something this amazing in stores anywhere.

Upcycle an old door into a new piece of home decor, like a toy box, headboard, or kid's craft table

If you need more seating for your dining, check out how to turn an old door into a fun kitchen island or bar.

Need a separate space that isn’t so confining? These old doors make for a great room divider.

This recycled door garden bench is perfect for creating a zen garden in your own backyard.

Use a recycled garage door to make this unique and truly beautiful decor worthy art display.

These bookshelves made from old doors will give your room a country chic look for pennies.

There are so many ways to upcycle old doors into new and creative home decor pieces

Turn an old cabinet door into a colorful and super creative chess set.

This ‘a-door-able’ day bed is everything I love about upcycling and more. It’s beautiful, fun, and definitely worth the effort.

Hang this table outside and your picnic will sway gently in the breeze.

A sandwich board is a great way to keep your family updated on what’s happening day to day.

Make this potting bench out of an old screen door and you’ll have a beautiful place to work on your plants.

try these creative ways to upcycle an old door into a functional piece of home decor

Give your backyard a snazzy upgrade with this shutter-door fence.

Door arbors will add a touch of whimsy to your yard, and add to your country decor.

This clever ironing station will give you a great place to store your iron and ironing board without having to hide them in a closet.

Add a sliding barn door to your pantry as a way to ‘hide’ your goodies and display your DIY talent all at the same time.

French doors make for perfect display cases for your living room.

These creative ways to upcycle an old door are easy DIYs to add a creative touch to your home

Create a portal to nowhere by using an old painting door as an accent piece. Gorgeous and definitely something your friends will talk about.

Need extra space in the kitchen? This pot rack will do the trick, and look great just ‘hanging around’.

Create a message board for your office using a vintage door and some chalkboard paint.

This coffee table will be an amazing talking piece and is such a lovely way to finish your living room decor.

Turn that old door into a porch swing and you’ll give your guests somewhere to rest whether they’re coming or going.

Add a new touch to your home with one of these upcycled door projects

Cut a door in half and you’ll have an impossibly sweet footboard for your child’s bed.

Need a place to work in your laundry room? This countertop is a recycled door, and makes for a perfect workspace.

Your creative kids need this creative art desk made out of old cabinet doors.

One door is all you’ll need to make this beautiful toddler bed for your little one!

Create a fun garden fence using an old door and a little bit of imagination.

Here are some fun ways to upcycle an old door into a new and functional piece of home decor

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