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3D Doritos Are Coming Back With New Flavors And I’m So Excited

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My snack of choice will always and forever be Doritos. Every since I was a kid I have loved Doritos and even as an adult when my body says NO, I still give in.

Frito Lay

It has been reported that 3D Doritos are coming back! They originally came out in the 1990s and they were like puffed up Doritos and as far as I can remember they were a hit.


I’m not sure when they faded away, but I am happy to hear that they are coming back. They said they pulled it because sales were low and they wanted to introduce new items.


They will be coming back out in 2 new flavors which are basically an upgrade to the traditional Doritos flavors. The new 3D Doritos flavors will be Chili Cheese Nacho and Spicy Ranch.


Apparently, the first images were spotted in a mobile handbook that Frito-Lay employees use on their sales routes. Something to look forward to for your Super Bowl party next year right?

Frito Lay

The potential release date is said to be January 18th, 2021, and I can not wait to try them both out! Here’s to hoping that they will keep them around this time and add even more flavor choices!


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