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40 Delicious Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day

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We would be honored if you would join us. May the 4th be with you. And the Wookie. And all your other favorite Star Wars characters as you enjoy these 40 Delicious Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day.

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Whether you be with the Rebel Alliance or the Imperial Forces, create these fun recipes you will. Eat them with your friends as you watch Star Wars you will. Trust us – these recipes are your only hope…of making it the best Star Wars Day Ever!

Are you seeking the Williams Sonoma cookie cutters featured in some of these recipes? Seek no further!

40 Delicious Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day

  1. Star Wars Breakfast – Tie-Fighter Eggs and Chewbacca Hash Browns and Bacon. Because chewing on Chewie before breakfast has always been a dream deferred.
  2. We found these Princess Leia Cupcakes at the Darth Maul.
  3. Super-easy Storm Trooper Cupcakes are a little short to be Storm Troopers…but no one will care once they have them in their mouths.
  4. A Jedi craves not these Brownie roll-out cookies. But I am no Jedi.
  5. This Light Saber Sugar Scrub is the formal sugar scrub of a Jedi knight. It is an elegant sugar scrub…the mark of someone cut above the ordinary.
  6. You can tell a lot about a person by the color of Light Saber Pretzel Sticks they choose.
  7. Ewok Cookies are yub nub!
  8. Chewbacca Donuts…not as furry, twice as delicious as the original Chewbacca.
  9. We had the battle of the bulge won…until these Gingerbread At-At arrived.
  10. Eat this Yoda Bundt Cake you will. Enjoy it you must.
  11. May the Light Saber Veggie Tray be with you.
  12. Death Star Macaroons are what they served at the last Imperial luncheon.
  13. Han Solo Rootbeer Sherbet Carbonite. It’s totally worth every moment suspended in time.
  14. This Death Star Cake may look like a moon, but it is no moon.
  15. These Peep-Trooper Pops are our last hope.
  16. You can go about your business, but we’ll be eating these Storm Trooper Cake Ball Pops.
  17. At least you won’t have to go all the way to Tatooine for Rebel Cookies and Blue Milk.
  18. These were not your father’s Light Saber Pretzels.
  19. You won’t have to be exiled to Dagobah to enjoy Yoda’s Root Stew anymore.
  20. C-3PO can’t abide these Peppermint Jawa Brownies, but we sure can!
  21. Straight from the Great Pit of Carkoon in the Dune Sea of Tatooine, we bring you this Sarlacc Bundt Cake! Be careful – it bites back.
  22. This Jabba the Hut-Cake is about as intergalactically gangster as you can get.
  23. You must unlearn what you have learned…about Yoda Cookies.
  24. “Arrrrmmmmmmm Annnnnnaaaaaa rummmmmmnnnnghhhh,” (What you sound like when you eat these Wookie Chocolate Chip Cookies).May the 4th Be with you desserts feature
  25. Only Luke Skywalker and Gallagher could destroy this Death Star Watermelon.
  26. Yoda Guacamole you need, at your service we are.
  27. Only at the end will you realize the power of these Jedi-Mint Krispie Bars.
  28. These Tusken Raider Cookies will attack with very little provocation. Just ask my hips.
  29. We’re not going to force you to eat these Yoda and Vader Pizzas.
  30. What does a droid do when he wants new friends? He makes new ones…and then they enjoy these R2D2, C3PO and Wicket Cake Push-up Pops together.
  31. Tie-Fighter Cupcakes are what Darth Vader eats when he’s by himself.
  32. These aren’t the R2D2 Gummies you’re looking for.
  33. We find your lack of Darth Vader Sausage Rolls (or meat pockets) disturbing.
  34. What will successfully destroy these At-At Pancakes? Delicious maple syrup (blasters) of course!
  35. You’ll be shouting, “Utinni” to all of your friends once you make these Jawa Vegan Cookie Cupcakes.
  36. Smarties Lightsabers are great for when you need to use the force to stay out of the candy jar.
  37. Chocolate Han Solo Trapped in Carbonite Cookie nothing like a handsome man just waiting around to be rescued.
  38. Gingerbread Men – Er Storm Troopers, Chewbaccas, and all other peoples for your next Royal Award ceremony.
  39. Drink this Yoda Soda you must. The fizz be with you, it will.
  40. You’ve never heard of Millennium Falcon Cookies? They made it from my mouth to my tummy in less than 12-parsecs.

Bonus! Want to celebrate Star Wars Day with your kiddo’s, but don’t want to cook? This Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet is an easy craft to make for all the short little Storm Troopers running around your house. Have a ‘blast’!

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