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5 Below is Selling A Giant Yard Pong Game To Take Summer To The Next Level

Giant yard pong anyone?

If you are looking for the perfect (and inexpensive) game to play with friends and family, giant yard pong is the answer!!

5 Below

Now, of course, you can totally DIY Giant Yard Pong using Dollar Tree supplies but if you’re looking for a cheaper and easier approach, 5 Below is your answer!

5 Below

How to Play Giant Yard Pong

Materials needed:

  • 12 large buckets or trash cans. (Grab 2 of the 5 Below Giant Yard Pong Kits)
  • 2 large balls. These should be large enough to fit in the buckets but small enough to throw. You could use volleyball- or soccer-sized balls.
5 Below


  1. Decide who goes first. This could be through a coin toss or any other fair method.
  2. The first team throws one of the balls, trying to get it into one of the opposing team’s buckets. Each player in the team gets a chance to throw.
  3. If the ball lands in a bucket, that bucket is removed from the game. If it misses, nothing happens, and it’s the other team’s turn.
  4. The other team now throws, following the same rules.
  5. This continues, with teams taking turns. The objective is to eliminate all of the opposing team’s buckets.
  6. Buckets are removed as soon as a ball lands in them. There are no “re-racks” or rearranging of the buckets during the game.
5 Below

Winning the Game:

The first team to eliminate all of their opponent’s buckets wins the game.

Note: The rules can be modified based on the players’ preferences. Some people play with rules such as “bounce shots” (where a ball that bounces before landing in a bucket eliminates two buckets) or “redemption” (giving a team a chance to save themselves when their last bucket is eliminated).

Have fun with it and enjoy your game of giant yard pong!

5 Below

You can get a Giant Yard Pong Game from 5 Below for $5 Here (and make sure you grab two).