Starbucks Is Now Open! Here Are 5 Secret Menu Drinks You Can Order Through The Drive-Thru

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Starbucks is BACK! I can hardly contain my excitement! If you’ve been desiring your go-to drink, go crazy with your bad self and treat yo’self! But if you are feeling a little experimental, I am here for you!

Most stores still have their lobbies closed, but not to worry, we have 5 easy to order secret menu drinks that you can get through the drive-thru!

5 Easy To Order Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks


1. The Orange Drink (Gummy Peach Ring Drink)

This is my #1 top drink. Everyone at our store loves it! And it’s easy to order! This is the perfect drink to get back on your Starbucks kick and give you a nice summery feel!


2. Marble Mocha Macchiato

if you’re ready to get back on your caffeine kick, this is a GREAT way to start! You can even ask your barista if they know how to make this drink, because it used to be on the menu! (like ten years ago, but still). If not, the recipe is super easy to ask for through the drive-thru!


3. Pink Starburst Drink

This is a SUPER easy drink to order, it’s caffeinated, it tastes like pink starbursts, it’s freaking beautiful…what’s not to love?

4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frappuccino

Want some blended goodness? This is the drink for you! This is one of the easier Frappuccinos to order and it is so delicious, you’ll definitely want to try it at least once!


5. Mint Chocolate Chip Cold Brew

This is my absolute favorite creation that I have made. It tastes like you’re eating ice cream while also getting in on some of that coffee goodness. If you’ve been missing on your cold brew, this is the one to start with!


Be sure to check out our page for all of the secret menu drinks that you can try out! We just wanted to give you a few easy options to order now that stores are opened back up! This is definitely a time to celebrate!!!!!


What drink are you most excited about? Comment below!


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