5 Things That Are Turning Your Child Gay

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From the moment your little darling is born they are influenced by the world around them. That’s why so many parents were upset when Target decided to go all PC and make their toy aisle gender neutral. It’s been anarchy! How are boys supposed to find boy toys? If a grandmother goes in to buy a football for her grandson for his birthday, what if she accidentally walks out with a doll!?!?! How is she supposed to know which toys are meant for her grandson if nothing is pink or blue!?!?! We all know gay people have an agenda and they’re shaping the WORLD. Here are 5 things that are most likely turning your child gay. Because knowing what to watch out for is half the battle.

is the world turning your child gay? watch out for these five crazy influences

5 Things That Are Turning Your Child Gay

1. Gender neutrality – Seriously? Are you still so hung up on the idea of pink and blue and dolls and balls that you think your child’s gender identity and sexuality is based on what they wear or play with? C’mon! Children are who they are. If you think walking down the toy aisle at Target is going to turn your child gay, then you Seriously might need to look at your own sexual identity and figure out why you’re so freaked out.

2. Their friends – Your child’s friends might someday talk them into drinking a beer behind your back, but they will NOT turn your child gay. More than likely, their friends are going to be the first people they talk to About their gender and sexual identity. So be grateful if those friends aren’t complete heathens…’cause they’re going to influence your child but again, will NOT turn them gay.

3. Their extracurricular activities – You son has a great voice and your daughter happens to be athletic they MUST be gay. OMG, I might have just died a little even typing that. Embrace your child’s talents and interests, because they are most certainly NOT turning your child gay. In fact, activities outside of studies help children learn discipline and dedication. The hours they spend practicing WHATEVER it is they are into are going to train them to work hard as they grow into adulthood. So let’s encourage, m’kay??

are these five things turning your child gay? from their friends to the media, the gay influence is everywhere

4. Mainstream media – Two men were KISSING on the TV last night and that’s Definitely going to turn your kid gay. Oh, the horror! No, no, no! First, any expressions of love between two people are going to shape your child’s view of what love is and can be, but really they’re looking at YOU to figure out what relationships are like. If your child was truly as influenced by mainstream media as you think, we’d all be living in The Purge. And we aren’t, so stop flipping the channel and just enjoy your show already.

5. You – Either you didn’t love them enough or you were too lax in things they did when they were three. Oh, remember the time you painted your son’s nails? That definitely did it. *gives you a big hug* The truth is you DO influence your child a lot. The way you talk to them, how you react to their exploration of identity is going to determine how comfortable they feel in talking to you about these things as they get older. So you can either be a parent who invokes shame in their child, or one who implants confidence. That’s really the only thing you get to decide.

nothing in the world is turning your kids gay, so love them as they are and they'll turn out great!

Ultimately, nothing is Turning your child gay. Your child is or isn’t. As they grow up, they explore their surroundings, figure out what makes them happy, who they’re attracted to, what they want in their lives and they go for that. More than that, sexual identity is fluid and that’s a beautiful thing! Don’t worry as much about who your child is attracted to…worry more about what kind of people are in their lives. Are they positive? Are they happy? Are they supportive of your child and loving toward their goals and desires? THAT’S the only thing you should be worried about. Let the rest happen naturally. Stop worrying about your child’s sexual identity and focus instead on the fact that you’re raising an amazing kid who is going to make the best choices for themselves. Love is love, yo, and as long as your child has love in their lives you’ll know you did a great job in raising them.

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