6 Summer Bedroom Essentials for The Best Sleep Ever

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You guys, it’s HOT. Like really hot and it’s obviously because it’s summer but when it gets so hot at night that I can’t sleep, that’s when it becomes a problem. While my husband can sleep just about anywhere and in just about any situation, I can’t and this mama needs her sleep to chase around 2 little boys. So, I’ve come up with 6 Summer Bedroom Essentials for The Best Sleep Ever!

If you’ve ever needed to keep cool at night during the summer, this is totally for you!

6 Summer Bedroom Essentials for The Best Sleep Ever!

6 Summer Bedroom Essentials for The Best Sleep Ever!

We all know that there are some basic necessities to help us sleep…

Pillow √

Blanket √

Sexy husband (or wife) to sleep next to √

But, all of those don’t do any good if it’s too hot in your room to begin with. Heck, they don’t matter if your room in general is far too uncomfortable to allow you to unwind and snooze.

So here are my 6 summer bedroom essentials for the best sleep EVER!

  • A great mattress – Uh, hello if you don’t have a comfortable mattress to sleep on, forget sleeping at all. If you want to feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, I recommend the Casper Sleep Mattress. I own one, and it’s AHHHHH-MAZING!
  • Blackout curtains – Look, I love summer but, I do not love how early the sun comes up. I want sleep and having the sun shining right into my face at like 5 AM is not okay with me. A few weeks ago, this was me… 6 Summer Bedroom Essentials for The Best Sleep Ever2 Yup, we moved and did not have any sort of blinds installed yet. So we had to use blankets which worked okay as a temporary solution but blackout curtains work much (much) better. My favorite blackout curtains are these.6 Summer Bedroom Essentials for The Best Sleep Ever3
  • A good fan makes the world go round – Okay, it doesn’t make the world go round but it makes the air circulate in your room allowing it to remain cool, less muggy, and allows you to sleep. Once you get a good fan, it will be weird to turn it off because the sound actually becomes soothing. I really like this circulating fan because it circulates (HA!) and it has a remote!6 Summer Bedroom Essentials for The Best Sleep Ever Featured
  • Breathable sheets – If you are still using those heavy cotton sheets with little snowmen on them, change your sheets now! In the summer choosing breathable sheets can make all the difference in keeping you cool and helping you sleep. I really like these Mellanni Bed Sheets. Super breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic. Total win since we also have asthma in our household!
  • Choose light pajamas – For me, it’s all about the LuLaRoe leggings but, choose a light pair of pajamas or shorts and tank. Less layers means you are less likely to get hot and you will sleep better!
  • Light up the night with Twinkle Lights – I have a thing with adorable lights and I really love twinkle lights. They give that light glow at night and are much more grown up than a Ninja Turtles Night Light from the dollar store! I have some around my bed and I adore them. You can get the twinkle lights here.

Now you know all of my favorite ways to make summer sleeping better than ever! To make things even easier for you, I have a free printable checklist for you below. Just click, print, and shop! Happy sleeping!

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