7 Crazy Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Twilight Series

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After all this time, I still LOVE the Twilight Series. I read all of the books, I watched all of the movies. I definitely went to Hot Topic and bought some merch. I even got myself in many debates about how Team Jasper was most definitely the correct team to be on.


But if you dig really deep, you may find out some things about the series you never knew before. With the new spark about Midnight Sun, many of us Twilight fans are coming back out of hiding to nerd out again. And do we have some interesting facts for you.


7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Twilight Series


1. Henry Cavill Could Have Been Edward

Ok, this may get some hate…but if Henry Cavill had been Edward, this series would have PHENOMENAL. Not really sure how he would have been cast as a teenager, but Stephanie Meyers had him as her first choice to play the part of Edward.


At the time, Cavill was 25, and Meyers decided that there was no way he’d pass for a high schooler. But man, I would have looked past that little detail. Just saying. He was then offered the role for Carlisle Cullen, but he turned it down for The Tudors.


2. James Franco Wanted To Be Cast In Breaking Dawn

Apparently James Franco approached the Breaking Dawn director, Bob Condon asking for a small part in Breaking Dawn, simply because he wanted to be a part of the series…and got turned down!


Twilight’s Breaking Dawn director Bob Condon told MTV News that he nearly cast James Franco as a vampire extra in the film, but changed his mind due to the Oscar-nominated actor’s high profile. “What could James Franco play that doesn’t feel like ‘Where’s Waldo?’,” Condon said. “It would have involved [him] hanging around for two months in a scene with 80 people.”


3. Each Native American Actor Had To Provide Documentation Proving They Were Descendants Of Native Americans

Ok so this one I actually think is kind of cool. There was such a cultural happening with the werewolves being Native Americans and I love how they implemented it into the movies. So the authenticity of the actors made it so much better!


Obviously, Taylor Lautner made the cut, who is said to be descended on his mother’s side from the Ottawa and Potawatomi tribes.


4. Taylor Lautner Was Almost Replaced For New Moon

Staying on the topic of Taylor, he was almost replaced for the second Twilight movie due to the drastic transformation that his character would undergo.


Taylor had to undergo a vigorous diet and workout schedule, putting on over 30lbs and was able to keep the role.


5. Stephanie Myers Picked Her “Team”

Once again staying on the topic of Taylor, Stephanie Meyers was asked what team she was on and she stated that her 14 version of herself would have been Team Jacob.


Supposedly it was because he was more her style…but we’ve all seen the abs scene, ok?


6. The Wedding Scene Was The Very First Scene The Entire Cast Was Together

Considering how many characters were witnessed throughout the series, this is a huge accomplishment. Everyone finally put all of their differences aside and became one big happy family. (And I am STILL in love with Bella’s dress)


7. Mackenzie Foy Was Specifically Cast For Her Looks

Once casting directors saw a video of her, she was picked. They loved her look. With her natural eye color being green, like Kristen’s natural color, and her hair a match to Rob’s, they decided that if there was any perfect combination of the two, this girl would be it.


There was also a swear jar where a cast member had to put a dollar in if they swore in front of her. Which I think is adorable.


So there you have it! A little more Twilight knowledge you can tuck into your belt. What has you most excited about the new Midnight Sun book release? And what team were you? (Brownie points if you say Jasper). Comment below!


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