A Live-Action Rapunzel Movie Is In The Works And I Can’t Wait

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Over the past few years, Disney has really been focusing on recreating some live-action versions of some of Disney’s most cherished films.

My personal favorite was the live-action Lion King. The Lion King was my favorite movie as a child so it just warmed my heart seeing this recreated for my kids. My son loves it!


Since many Disney Princesses have started receiving their live-action movies, such as Belle and Cinderella, many are wondering when it will be Rapunzel’s turn.


According to DisInsider and Inside The Magic, a Rapunzel live-action movie is finally in the works!

Whether it will follow the specific Tangled storyline, or just based off of a Rapunzel story, we aren’t sure yet.


What we do know, is that they are planning to make this a full-production theatrical release, unlike Lady and the Tramp, which was Disney+ exclusive.


We also know that the production team is being put together. This will include Ashleigh Powell, who contributed to the script for Disney’s The Nutcracker and The Four Realms, as screenwriter.


The production team will include Kristin Burr, who has production credits on two other Disney live-action films (Christopher Robin and the upcoming Cruella movie)


But one of the burning questions, of course, is…who is going to play Rapunzel?!?


The current rumors include Florence Pugh, Emily Browning, Amanda Seyfried, Sabrina Carpenter, and AnnaSophia Robb. But nothing has been confirmed yet.


The release date has not been set yet and probably won’t for awhile due to the current global situation. But just the fact that it IS going to happen, has be jumping for joy!


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