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An Extremely Rare Blue Lobster Was Found At Red Lobster And It Is So Cool Looking

It’s a treat when I go to Red Lobster.

What’s my favorite meal you ask? The White Wine and Garlic Roasted Mussels. Yes I know, it’s an appetizer but c’mon, basically any plate at Red Lobster can be considered a full meal based on their serving sizes.

Red Lobster specializes in well, lobster and a multitude of other seafood items.

We normally associate lobsters with the color red until a few employees at Red Lobster, noticed a BLUE colored lobster while unloading a batch of live lobsters!

The Red Lobster in Cuyahoga Falls, OH were lucky to find a rare blue lobster that is one in every 2 million. I know what you’re thinking and “woah” is right!

The very blue and very rare lobster was put in the tank with the rest of his lobster buddies; however every employee was made aware that no one can order the blue one for dinner![0]=68.ARC3uFEsUH22eqV7rYGk6BwwbnfN6bIPtRl-YbIos-NlcRTwo60DTkiT5IqYigR6SRkf4nK8ycHiTtg9bXhAW3sEa3gI-jrb3sZ3Hj2_tVCVjnPgjGD94AtPKlHgRRmPwAunGxyGWskCGKPgftaiqS0iDUtZMc4kS1bxhoq5HM0DjOD7aLM3hSAuGa7PUhip6vDlHy9kg5rdjOqQmTpr0NiUCemfqi4FyCfaVNZts7oml54HkgS3NWoHkhPH8oKq6f1sQ0VtHZ_fZYSgjlvye1W3rAE163gUG19d_ZI4rcVNcNdTBGYrdts5rYN6o6wlneNHaA_O4OkObbOjHA&__tn__=-R

The Akron Zoo has given Clawdia, (the female blue lobster) a new and more improved home thanks to Red Lobster.

You can even visit the pretty lady at the Akron Zoo’s Komodo Kingdom building once the zoo re-opens! Cool, right?

So glad they kept him safe and didn’t have him for dinner!

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