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A Shape-Shifting ‘UFO’ Was Filmed By A Plane Passenger And Everyone Is Freaking Out

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It seems that UFOs are in the news quite a bit lately. There are strange things afoot in our atmosphere.

Now, someone on a plane captured a shape shifting UFO on video, and you have to just watch it to see what you think.

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This Unidentified Flying Object was spotted miles above the surface of the Earth out the window of (what appears to be) a commercial airliner, and one of the passengers was able to zoom in on it.

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It appears to be changing shapes as it floats in the air, and doesn’t look like it’s a natural part of our planet.

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Granted, the object is pretty far off in the distance, and the picture is a bit pixelated. But, you can obviously see it moving around, and it appears to go from straight and elongated to wide and sort of spinning.

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Some call it a “baffling atmospheric reflection” or a “a strange drone performing maneuvers,” but do either of those make sense?

This shape-shifting “thing” was MILES up in the air. I mean, it could really be anything, but you have to admit this floating, shape-shifting object is pretty bizarre.

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Should we jump to the conclusion that it is an alien spacecraft that has breached the Earth’s atmosphere?

Well, if you want to be all rational about it, we don’t have positive scientific proof that there is anything out there that might suggest aliens exist.

BUT, if you want to suspend reality for a moment, we are only one out of billions of planets in our galaxy — are we really privileged enough to be the ONLY intelligent life in all of the galaxy?

Huh. Gives you something to ponder, doesn’t it!

Scientists will argue carbon-based versus plasma, and how plasma nor carbon-based life can’t really act like a shape-shifting entity.

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Really, though, if there IS life out there somewhere in the galaxy, isn’t it slightly possible that they have come across some substance that doesn’t exist in our small little realm of things — a substance that has the ability to change forms?

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Now, I’m not saying this was an alien. There’s probably some reasonable and logical explanation for this UFO, but it really makes you ask “What If?”.

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You can see the entire video of the shape-shifting UFO HERE.

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