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A ‘Twilight’ TV Series Is In The Works And I’m So Excited

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Sparkly vampire alert!!

Edward and the rest of team Cullen are about to come running back into our lives, and you have to check this out.

A Twilight TV series is in the works — based on the popular Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer (as if we needed to tell you) — and I’m straight-up giddy!!

Now, the series is just in its infancy stage, but it’s in the works, none-the-less.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Lionsgate Television is in early development on a series that could bring author Stephenie Meyer’s book series back to life.”

We don’t know a whole lot about this soon-to-be Twilight television series.

But, we do know that Sinead Daly — Tell Me Lies, The Walking Dead: World Beyond — is supposed to be involved in writing the script for this new Twilight project.

We have also been told that Stephenie Meyer, herself, is attached to the potential series.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how close the series is going to follow the Twilight books.

It could be that it will play out just like the books, or it could be loosely based on the Twilight books. We just don’t know yet.

I’m sure that it’s going to be awesome, either way!!

I mean, it’s Twilight. They can’t really go wrong, right?!?

What do you think? Are you as excited about this potential Twilight TV series as I am?

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