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Aaron Carter’s Mom Believes Someone is Responsible for His Death and Shares Crime Scene Photos to Try to Prove It

It’s been nearly 4 months since the news broke of Aaron Carter’s Death.

While his death was ruled an overdose, his very own family, including his own mom is not convinced that is what happened.

In fact, as of today, Aaron Carter’s mom has come forward saying she believes someone is responsible for his death and there is more to the story.

She is so convinced, she has even gone as far as sharing photos from the crime scene in the bathroom where Aaron’s body was discovered in hope’s it will convince law enforcement to reinvestigate his death.


In a post made on Facebook, Aaron Carter’s mom, Jane Schneck posted saying:

Still trying to get a real investigation for the death of my son Aaron Carter I want to share these death scene photos with you all because the coroner wrote it off as an accidental drug overdose

Jane Schneck

She then continues:

They never investigated it as a possible crime scene because of his addiction past Look at the photos They were not taken by the police But they allowed people to go in and out.although a lot of potential homicide information was there for years Aaron had a lot of death threats and many many people who were making his life miserable

Jane Schneck

In the photos, you can see that things sort of look out of sorts.

Jane Schneck

The shots include the bathtub where Aaron’s body was found, and the water has a greenish tint since Aaron’s body was there for several hours before his housekeeper discovered it.

Jane Schneck

His mom has also made comments about the towel placement saying she finds it suspicious Aaron was allegedly pulled out of the tub while someone performed CPR on him, yet the towels appear to be “perfectly placed.”

Also why are the towels perfectly placed?!If Betty supposedly dragged him out of the bathtub and gave him CPR!!!

Jane Schneck
Jane Schneck

She then made another post on Facebook saying:

I’m totally supported by the family and friends who know I had to post the awful photos It’s because we are not and have not been taken seriously by Law Enforcement in especially Lancaster CaThey allowed everyone to tromp through what should have been at least an investigation Because of my son’s mental illness and prescription drug issues they just wanted it to be something easy that they didn’t have the time or inclination to address This won’t work for me or Melanie or anyone who truly loved himWe want answers We want justice There are people who must be held accountable

Jane Schneck

I mean personally, I thought from the beginning it was strange that he had been on TikTok live prior to his death stating if something happened to him, it wasn’t him and then he ends up dead. Suspicious?

And as a mom, you just get these intuitions so I am 100% on board with her thought process.

I sure hope this is investigated further so the family can get closure and maybe even bring someone responsible for his death, to justice.