You Can Get Activated Charcoal Underwear Liners That Will Take Out The Stink When You Fart

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We’ve all cut the cheese and unknowingly let loose of an embarrassing stink.

For those moments where you can’t hold it in, there are currently pads that act as liners to “take the bad part, out of the fart” as it says so on the packaging itself!

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Who knew that activated charcoal that often times is used for face masks can be used to mask the smell of a pungent air bubble.

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Currently selling on Amazon are activated charcoal liners with a specific duty to filter out bad odors.

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“Subtle Butt” are liners made with activated carbon, fabric, and an adhesive side that allows you to stick the filter at the bottom of your undies acting as a discrete pad.

Not to mention, each square filter is made out of soft fabric so you never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable on a night out at the bar or even on the first date.

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Simply place the liner where it’s needed and you’re ready for a chili cook-off or an all you can eat buffet on the weekend!

You can currently get five pads of Subtle Butt on Amazon for $13.

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