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Here’s Your First Look At ‘The Addams Family 2’

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Did y’all see the animated film, Addams Family, that came out last year? It was so popular, that the movie studio behind the feature film, MGM, immediately announced there would be a sequel.

Well, that sequel has been confirmed, and it will be coming out at Halloween — only, not THIS Halloween. Addams Family 2 will hit theaters October of 2021.


The majority of the original cast will be returning for this next installment — Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Bette Midler, Snoop Dogg, etc — but Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) will not be returning for the role of Pugsley Addams.

Might filming for Stranger Things conflict with recording Addams Family 2? Hmmmm.


According to CinemaBlend, they are holding a contest, which anyone can enter, for a voice roll in the movie. Even YOU can enter to be in the movie. You may do so at THIS website.

We don’t yet know exactly what the film will be about, but if it’s anything like the original, it will be hella funny. LOL!


They have given us a sneak peak of the film — but the trailer is just enough to tease us!! We need mooore!


See the first trailer for The Addams Family 2 below.

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