Adele Inspired Winged Liner Tutorial

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Okay, lets be real here for a second; Adele could sing about dirty diapers and I would still cry. As if her soulful music didn’t make her awesome enough, she is also always rocking a PERFECTLY EXECUTED winged liner. Her makeup artist needs to make a YouTube channel. Like yesterday. But until then you’re just going to have to settle for me and my Adele inspired winged liner tutorial.

adele inspired winged liner tutorial
  • Adele’s winged liner is always a little different because the wing is angled more upwards than traditional winged liner, so when your eye is open, you can juuuust barely see that the end of the liner is upturned. I find that gel liner is easier to work with for this, but some people prefer liquid liner pens, and that’s cool too.
  • First, draw a line beginning at your lower lash line towards the tail of your brow. It’s okay if it’s a little messy. We can fix that up at the end.
  • Working from the outside in, tilt your head back so that your eye is nearly closed and you’re looking down at yourself into the mirror. Draw a straight line from the outer corner to about 2/3 of the way in. Hold your brush parallel to your body to create a smooth line.
  • Fill in the blank spots
  • Line your inner corner. If you need to clean up the edges, you can go over the bottom with concealer on a brush. If your lines are bumpy- go over them with some matte black eyeshadow on and angled brush to smooth them out!
  • Add mascara. For the full effect, add some sexy false lashes.
  • Voila!

Adele Winged Liner tutorial

Still having trouble? Troubleshoot your winged liner technique with this tutorial!

adele winged liner tutorial

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