You Can Get Adorable Laptop Stickers That Support An Amazing Cause and I Want Them All

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I LOVE stickers. I have been a sucker for stickers since I was a kid. These days, I have my own collection of stickers on my laptop to show off my style. From grumpy cat to Captain America, I like expressing myself through stickers!

Barn Owl Primitives

Barn Owl Primitives is an amazing store that has stickers galore! Not only do they have stickers, but also magnets, blankets, home decor, etc.


I stumbled upon this company while looking for a way to support the #starsforstevie campaign.


For those of you who aren’t aware of the campaign, Stevie is an adorable 3 year old girl who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called DIPG. It is incurable.


My heart aches for this family and I wanted to reach out and help in any way I could, besides just donating. And that is how I stumbled upon Barn Owl Primitives.


All proceeds to the #starsforstevie campaign go straight to her family to help out during this time, so not only do you get an adorable sticker, but an incredible story behind it.


But even outside of this campaign…these products are SO adorable. So i had to purchase even more! My favorite is the Change the World sticker! (which is currently, very stylishly, hanging out on the back of the laptop I’m currently using.)


I also love these adorable stickers for hand soap, which are perfect for the current state our nation is in.


Now is a season of life for uplifting, encouragement, and self-love. And these little stickers are exactly what we need for an extra little boost.


What is your favorite sticker on the site and what do you plan to use it for? Your laptop? Water Bottle? Notebook? The possibilities are endless!

You can order your BarnOwlPrimitives Stickers Here.

Comment below and let us know which one’s you’re going to get your hands on!


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  1. I ordered some stickers from there and am waiting for them to arrive, but I’m sooo excited about the “make today count” sunshine sticker! I love that I get to add an adorable sticker with a great message to my sticker collection (also on my laptop) and that I also get to help support this sweet, sweet family in a time when they need so much love and support.