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These Adorable Swinging Ducks Bring ‘Jeep Ducking’ To New Heights and I Need One

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Someone just take my credit card now. You can get swinging ducks for your rearview mirror, and I want them all.


Do y’all ever do midnight shopping that you regret when you wake up in the morning. I do this all the time — and I foresee these ducks in my midnight shopping future!!

These swinging ducks hang from your rearview mirror, and swing back and forth, side to side, as you drive around town. And, OMG I need one.


This really takes the Jeep Ducking thing to a new level… literally!

Sure, I mean, it’s just a piece of string and a duck. But, y’all — It hangs from your rearview mirror and swings around as you drive!! How stinkin’ cute is that?!?

Some would say this swinging duck would make a great “gag” gift, or a super awesome White Elephant type gift. But, on the serious right now, I NEED one of these ducks for my rearview mirror.


Totally cute, right?!?

And, there’s not just ONE duck. There’s a whole entire family of ducks to choose from, and you totally won’t be able to decide on just one.


These ducks range from $9 to $19, and just may be the CUTEST money you ever spend!!

Check This Out.

Swinging Ducks

Choosing just one is going to be a problem. You might need one swinging duck for each season of the year!

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