Adult Easter Egg Hunts Are The Hot New Trend and I’m Totally On Board

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Who said the kids should have all the fun?

Easter is typically a day where kids get treats and toys from the Easter bunny and have fun hunting for candy-filled Easter eggs.

But nobody said they have to be the only ones who have fun… That’s where adult easter egg hunts come into play!

People are hosting adult-themed Easter egg hunts that are filled with all sorts of adult treats.

You simply need some eggs, some candy or other fillers like mini cocktail bottles.


Some are even adding in things like mini toothpaste tubes and money. GENIUS!

For large items, you could definitely use those large plastic eggs with the clear front you can find at Dollar Tree or the larger plastic eggs too.


So gather your friends and family and host a super fun adult-themed Easter egg hunt! I bet it will be a huge hit!!


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