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You Can Now Get Airheads Snow Cones For The Perfect Way to Keep Cool All Summer

I love Airheads…and I love Snow Cones. Could it really be? Could dreams really be coming true? Is this the moment where two incredible things become one? (Pulling out my Spice Girl vibes). Why yes it is…

The Airheads Candy brand is coming out with their newest innovative idea…Airheads Snow Cones. And I, for one, am ECSTATIC!


There are at least 4 flavors that we are seeing, including watermelon, cherry, blue raspberry, and the exciting white mystery flavor!

These have been spotted in various grocery stores so you will definitely need to be on the lookout for these awesome treats!

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What’s your favourite flavour?

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We’ll have to wait and see if they add other flavors to the line up, but for now, which is your favorite flavor to try?

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