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Airless Car Tires Exist And Flat Tires May Be A Thing Of The Past

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Airless car tires? That sounds like some futuristic voodoo magic, but I’d be the first in line to stick those puppies on my car if the situation presented itself!

I’ve had the pleasure of getting stuck on the side of the highway THRICE in the last month because of flat tires.

Two times because of a rogue screw in the path of my vehicle, and once because our stinkin’ spare went flat within an hour of putting it on.

I’m freaking done with flat tires for a while. It’s someone else’s turn to deal with it next time.

So, when I heard this news, my ears perked right up, and I almost did a little happy dance.

Goodyear has designed and manufactured a set of airless car tires, and they have actually been tested on a test track in Luxembourg.

They stuck those tires right on a Tesla Model 3, and sent the car through a whole battery of vehicular situations.

The test drivers tried accelerating at super fast speeds, doing emergency stops, twisting and turning around the curves of the track — situations a driver might face on the open road.

The airless tires hung in there through every test that was thrown their way.

What Is An Airless Car Tire?

The tires are constructed of special plastic spokes that hold a thin, reinforced rubber tread.

Those special spokes are able to move and contort with the car, flexing as needed to support the different terrains the vehicle might encounter.

Now, these tires aren’t exactly ready for mass production. There are still some limitations that need to be worked through.

There will be noise, and some vibration. We’re still learning how to soften the ride. But we think you’ll be surprised at the performance.

Michael Rachita, senior program manager at Goodyear for non-pneumatic tires

Y’all. These tires are going to be a game changer!

According to Yahoo News, each tire is tested for 24 solid hours under different types of road conditions. While there is some breakage of spokes, the tires continue to perform very well.

It’s test-learn, test-learn — But we’re at a stage that’s given us a huge amount of confidence. This is the real deal.

Michael Rachita, senior program manager at Goodyear for non-pneumatic tires

This is so cool!! I can’t wait until we get to try them out on our own personal vehicles.

I’m all for the day when we don’t have to worry about maintenance on traditional air-filled tires!

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